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Autumn has begun and for some the outdoor pool season is over and the indoor pool season has begun. Did you know that around 60 litres of water evaporate from a swimming pool with a water surface of 40 m² every day? Even if this figure is dependent on the ambient air conditions and the water temperature, the example proves that an indoor swimming pool is a constantly humid place. In addition to the detrimental effects on people, this also affects the building structure, since the evaporated water rises through the air into the ceiling, walls and floor – and only consistent pool dehumidifying helps to tackle this.

If the climate in the indoor swimming pool becomes subtropical with rising air humidity, this causes humans significant physical strain and the recreational value of the pool declines sharply. Just as serious are the direct effects on the building structure: Water vapour and the resulting condensation lead to mould stains and structural damage, which can sometimes be irreparable. Experts warn that entire indoor swimming pools often have to be demolished as a result of this. With a Trotec pool dehumidifier from the DS series specially developed for moist rooms, you can prevent such problems effectively.

This is how the pool dehumidification works with the DS series

One thing is clear: It is not sufficient to only have the air dehumidifiers of the DS series running when the pool is in use. After all, the water from the pool evaporates around the clock – so the dehumidification measures should also be taken 24 hours a day. But don’t worry: With a continuously adjustable hygrostat and fully automatic operation like that provided by the pool dehumidifiers DS 30 and DS 60, not only do you have air humidity efficiently under control, but also energy costs.

The actual air dehumidification works according to the principle of falling below the dew point, also known as condensation drying. According to the principle of heat exchange, the humid air is guided by an evaporator, cools there below its dew point and condenses. The condensation is dissipated and the dry cold air is guided past the heating part of the cold block. Because whilst thermal energy is gained during this process, the air that is now dry can be reheated through the resulting process energy. It is then blown back into the pool using an integrated ventilator.

Specially developed for pool dehumidification

The Trotec pool dehumidifiers DS 30 and DS 60, which were developed and manufactured in Germany, ensure effective regulation of humidity in both small and large indoor swimming pools and damp rooms. Which dehumidifier is appropriate to use depends on the size of the swimming pool

  • DS 30 – for pool sizes up to 25 m²
  • DS 60 – for pool areas up to 50 m²

Since both DS series pool dehumidifiers were specially developed for use in damp rooms, even highly reactive air environments can’t harm them: The powerful and silent radial fans are encased in easy-to-clean, glass-fibre reinforced plastic housings which provide secure protection against corrosion. The evaporators and condensers used in these models are reinforced with extra polyester-coated surfaces which provide further protection against corrosion.

DS 30 and DS 60 swimming pool dehumidifiers – Get information now!

The easy-to-assemble wall-mounted units are fully automatic and remove large amounts of moisture from the room. The energy absorbed during the dehumidifying process is converted directly into heat and is used for heating the room, which further increases the profitability of the appliances. Both models are optionally available with a condensate pump as well as a PWW heat register and rear panel installation – so that you can optimally adjust both pool dehumidifiers to meet your individual needs.

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