New Year’s resolutions

And again another year is drawing to a close. Many people take that as an opportunity to draw balance: What did the past twelve months bring? Did we achieve the goals we set ourselves? Did we manage to stick to the resolutions we made last year around that time of year? What do we want to achieve in the year to come?

New Year's resolutions at Trotec

For me personally, 2010 has been an extraordinarily eventful and exciting year. I graduated from university, found a job which really exceeds all my hopes and expectations and which allows me to do everything I enjoy most, I get to learn a lot of  interesting things every day and I get to know all kinds of people. I really cannot complain this year – and can only hope that this run of good luck will also continue in 2011!

For our company, this last year has been equally packed with new developments and exciting events. We have continued to grow and expand, have found a lot of new colleagues to support the team and we have entered new markets. We moved into a new building, broke new ground in terms of the social media activities we engage in and we have managed to incorporate both the blog and the whole online presence of the Trotec Group under one roof. We have come very far, yet there is so much more to come…

Because whether it is in personal life or in the world of business, if you don’t go forward, you invariably go backwards. This is why we will continually strive to make our website even more informative and your shopping experience with us even more comfortable. To make your way of contact more direct and our communication with you more personal. These are our resolutions for the next year…and what are yours?

We wish you all the best for 2011! May the new year be filled with joy and happiness for you… and may all your New Year resolutions eventually become reality!

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