Fighting off winter – but without carbon emissions!

Street cafe with electric heaters

I don’t know, is it just me? The wet and cold weather triggers in me an uncontrollable desire to escape the winter weather and go somewhere else – somewhere nice and warm preferably. The last vacations feel like ages ago, and I get itchy feet by the mere thought of summer, sun and beaches. Yearningly, I think back to those times when, sitting in a nice street cafe, you could at least pretend that the summer vacations weren’t over just yet…

But this is becoming increasingly difficult…when you go out these days, you invariably end up having to squeeze into already packed bars or smoky pubs – and this doesn‘t really help with the holiday mood. This is probably the reason why pubs and restaurants with outside facilities are always a lot more popular than others which do not offer that option. And pub owners up and down the country are trying to combat the biting cold with woollen blankets, hot beverages and mushroom heaters in order to attract more customers. But have you ever thought about what the avoidable luxuries of sitting outside in the middle of winter do to our environment?

I know, this is probably one of the very last things you’ll want to think about in such a cosy moment. But did you know that every single one of these mushroom heaters emits as much CO2 as a compact car? In reaction to these statistics, more and more cities all over Europe are thinking of banning or already have banned the patio heaters and the extra carbon-emissions they produce.

But fortunately this doesn’t mean that we all have to give up the Mediterranean atmosphere for good. Electric heaters are a good alternative when it comes to simulating sunnier climates – they also keep you warm and cosy, but without the harmful carbon-dioxide emissions.

And if on top of that the restaurant also switches to green electricity, both customers and the owners have already taken a large step towards reducing their carbon footprint. Cheers!

2 thoughts to “Fighting off winter – but without carbon emissions!”

  1. I am totally agree with your opinion that, only the best electric heater provides the proper heat source, but remember one thing that efficient electric heater needs to be portable in nature as well.

    1. Hello John! You are totally right about this point – which is why with all of our electric heaters we focus very much on flexibility and portability. Just have a look at our online shop, and I’m sure you’ll find something that fits your needs!


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