NEW USB fans TVE 1 – portable cool breeze

Prepare yourself for the hot days ahead now. Use a compact, super-mobile and trendy USB fan TVE 1, available from Trotec from CW 18. The small fan does its job like a big one, but cools everywhere, and exactly when you need it. This is because the device generates wind excellently with 2.5 Watt and gets its power very simply from the USB port of your PC, your Notebook or your power bank. It is a portable cool breeze – and you can take it with you everywhere!

Whether on your desk, by the swimming pool or when going for a picnic – a cooling breeze is always called for. Especially when it is so easy to get, since the USB fan TVE 1 is very easy to operate: The USB connector is inserted easily into the nearest USB port, although the on/off switch on the device makes constantly plugging and unplugging unnecessary. Additional software is not necessary. Despite its high air throughput, the fan is so quiet that it will not disturb you. And thanks to its adjustable tilted head that can be rotated 360°, the air flow can be comfortably adapted to your needs.

The USB fan TVE 1 is available in several fresh trendy colours – we are sure at least one of them will be to your liking!

USB fan Atlantic Blue TVE 1B

USB fan Lemon Green TVE 1L

USB fan Light Grey TVE 1G

USB fan Piano Black TVE 1D

USB fan Pumpkin Orange TVE 1O

USB fan Raspberry Pink TVE 1P

USB fan Snow White TVE 1W

USB fan Sunny Yellow TVE 1Y

You decide which colour suits you best!

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the 2.5 Watt power output
  • the USB connection makes an additional power source unnecessary
  • the USB standard 2.0 (upwards and downwards compatible to 1.1 and 3.0)
  • no additional software necessary

USB ventilator TVE 1 – extra wind, extra affordable!

It’s worth the wait: Order the USB fan TVE 1 in a trendy colour of your choice today at our current sale price reduced from £8.90 to just £6.24 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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