NEW HyStream 200 and HyStream 2100 heat guns – for DIY enthusiasts and professionals!

Both heat guns are 100% Trotec in their development, design and manufacture and are exclusively available from us. The robust HyStream 200 thermo-tool is the one conclusive solution for passionate DIY enthusiasts due to its easy operation. The HyStream 2100 is the perfect device for professionals on account of its electronically controlled hot air fan and the high comfort level during operation.

Both heat guns stand out for their tried and tested German industrial design and TÜV-tested safety. With a performance output of 2000 watts each, the HyStream 200 and HyStream 2100 heat guns facilitate a broad spectrum of applications – from soldering, gluing or paint removal to moulding plastic, shrinking film or drying paintwork. The hot air fan on both guns is electronically controlled and thus assures a constant working temperature from the tool even during continuous operation. In addition, overheating protection is integrated, which switches off the heating element automatically when it becomes overloaded but keeps the fan in operation.

What’s more, the construction of the thermo-tool with its optimal centre of gravity and large platform enables tilt-proof, stationary operation. That way, work pieces can be worked on using both hands via the hot air flow – a particular advantage for gently moulding plastic components. And grill coals can be brought to a white-hot glow in just a few minutes using the grill ignition nozzle – completely free of taste!

This is how the HyStream 200 and HyStream 2100 work

  • The HyStream 200 is equipped with a dual-control combi-switch which controls the hot air temperature and air volume collectively. On level one, a 350 °C hot air flow blows out of the device at a rate of 300 litres per minute and on level two, that performance increases to 550 °C and 500 L/min. This way, the HyStream 200 can be adjusted to your use. Its low weight of just 600 g has the effect of considerably reducing fatigue during longer holding operations and likewise, the ergonomic design guarantees comfortable working and a secure grip due to the pistol shape.
  • The HyStream 2100 has comfortable professional configuration options so that the device can be optimally configured for every application. For example, the hot air temperature can be preset at the push of a button between 50 °C and 650 °C at practically continuous stages in 10 degree intervals. Likewise, the air volume can be regulated in 5 stages between 250 and 500 litres per minute. The respective working temperature and air volume values are constantly displayed on the colour-LCD mounted on the back. A change of colour informs you when the preset temperature value has been reached – green signalises the heating up phase and red confirms the target temperature has been reached. The HyStream 2100 weighs just 800 g, which also enables longer uses free of fatigue. Its ergonomic design guarantees comfortable working and a secure grip due to the pistol shape with soft grip and guard rail.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • The development, design and production is 100% Trotec
  • The 2,000 watt power output
  • The ergonomic pistol design Additionally, the HyStream 2100 comes with soft grip and guard rail
  • The adjustable air volume and temperature
  • Dual stage up to max. 550 °C and 500 L/min with the HyStream 200
  • Five stages between 250 L/min and 500 L/min with a temperature regulation from 50 °C to 650 °C in 10 degree intervals with the HyStream 2100

HyStream 200 and HyStream 2100 – including professional adapter nozzle set

Every HyStream 200 and HyStream 2100 is delivered ready for use – including grill igniter nozzle, broad beam nozzle, reducer nozzle and bypass nozzle. Order them today, the new

incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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