NEW TTK 96 E and TTK 127 E Dehumidifiers – with comfort function!


Extra compact, extra comfortable and exceptionally good value – our new TTK 96 E and TTK 127 E dehumidifiers, which are currently getting ready to go on sale, are both very well-positioned. With these devices you will get your money’s worth regardless of whether you are a fan of an appealing design and enhanced comfort or you are a perfectly ordinary smart saver: thanks to our DEALs you save up to £20 – provided you order before delivery in calendar week 3!

Both dehumidifiers when deployed correctly keep the rooms assigned to them reliably dry: the maximum dehumidification capacity for the TTK 96 E in a room up to 90 m² in size is up to 30 litres per day. The TTK 127 E in a room of up to 150 m² in size will even manage up to 50 litres in 24 hours. The very special highlight of the devices: both dehumidifiers have a unique comfort function for automatically controlling the air humidity depending on the temperature.

How it works

Of course our new dehumidifiers possess the hygrostat-controlled automated dehumidification system, that is ‘normal’ in this equipment range. For this, you select a fixed humidity value in advance, which the device maintains. But in addition, both dehumidifiers are equipped with an extra ‘comfort button’. After pressing the button, the hygrostat automatically sets the humidity value to the comfortable value depending on the temperature. The convenient result: They are always ready to produce the optimum indoor climate!

Both devices have practical functions as standard, such as the timer control, a two-stage blower, an overflow protection system with automatic shut-off as well as a washable air filter. The connections for the external condensation drain make the extremely easy handling of the devices perfect – for example, this makes unsupervised long-term operation in holiday homes possible.

Four of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the unique comfort function for automatic control of humidity depending on the temperature
  • timer function
  • two-stage blower
  • extremely easy handling

How to easily get the perfect DEAL

Order the

  • TTK 96 E Dehumidifier today and save an extra £15.75. Because instead of paying the later offering price of £157.50, right now you pay just £141.75.
  • TTK 127 E Dehumidifier today and save an extra £23.39. Because instead of paying the later offering price of £259.90, right now you pay just £236.51.

Both offers include VAT. – in the Trotec Shop now! And remember: both DEALs are only available until calendar week 3!

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