NEW TIH 500 S and 700 S Infrared heating panels – now in the 4 piece discount package!


Infrared heating panels are up until now, a popular professional solution to equip rooms without heating with an effective heating source, or as selective, auxiliary heating in living spaces. The heating panels are even better suited for use in gastronomy, for heating workplaces and quickly drying wall surfaces at construction or renovation sites. The practical heating panels now come in a super value 4 piece discount package.

Infrared heating panels possess all of the virtues of radiant heating, also seen in masonry and storage heaters. Exactly like their mild and comfortable warmth, the infrared radiators ensure the same subjective feeling of warmth  at a low indoor temperature. In conjunction with the reduced air circulation, this effect usually leads to a more comfortable indoor climate: with less dry air and lower dust levels. Another great advantage: it gives out heat almost immediately after switch-on. So that rooms can be used quickly and comfortably, despite having little or no heating.

This is how it works

The TIH 500 S Infrared heating panel is equipped with 580 Watts, and the TIH 700 S with over 700 Watts of heating capacity. The heating panels directly emit warmth by infrared radiation according to the sun principal, which means efficient heating without convective heat loss – in contrast to classic heating devices which work with convective heat, where the ambient air is heated, and is used to carry and distribute hot air around the room. The infrared heaters can be both mounted on walls or mounting brackets, thanks to an integrated suspension device, and used with the separately available stands as free-standing devices.

Possible uses:

  • Heating of living spaces: Whether a living room, conservatory or bathroom, as a selective, auxiliary heater an infrared heating panel creates heat right where it is needed by the residents. Save space by attaching the device to the wall, only a standard plug socket is required for operation.
  • Use in gastronomy: As a free-standing or wall device, the infrared heater is the optimal solution for selective heating of sales stands or terraces, and in addition is much more effective than conventional gas heaters.
  • Workplace heating: Simply placed upright by means of the foot stands, the infrared spot heater offers many advantages in draughty or cool workplaces. For example in a warehouses, behind refrigerated counters and in workshops or large halls.
  • Quickly drying wall surfaces: In construction or refurbishment sites, the infrared heater causes  a capillary of moisture to be transported in the direction of the heated wall surface because of the temperature gradient, which in contrast to the quick diffusion, is clearly able to transport more moisture from the wall.

Some of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • The efficient heating method using environmentally friendly IR-C radiation.
  • Transporting warmth via light waves – direct object heating without convective heat loss.
  • The maximum optimal efficiency – 100% of the electrical energy used is converted into heating capacity.
  • The immediately usable heating panels radiate clean heat – with no noise, smell, condensation or oxygen consumption and no unpleasant dispersion of dust.

Super value – enjoy the benefits of our 4 piece discount package

It looks like a true bargain: Four individual infrared heat panels together in one super value discount package: order right away – now in the Trotec shop!

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