NEW TDS P series ceramic fan heaters – heavy-metal style!

Presenting the new TDS P series ceramic fan heaters with a robust heavy-metal design in trendy grey. Thanks to their solidly built metal housing, our new ceramic fan heaters can keep their cool in harsh environments and during rough transportation. But behind this cool exterior lies an innovative ceramic PTC heat register, as well as a pleasantly quiet, but extremely powerful radial fan – this combination heats the air extremely quickly.

As soon as they are switched on, the TDS P series ceramic fan heaters provide quick and effective heating throughout the entire surrounding area. Instead of conventional heating filament technology, they use the benefits of advanced PTC ceramic heating elements to heat the air: This technology is longer-lasting, less sensitive, and provides faster heating. What’s more, no dust is burned during the heating process, making these ceramic heaters extremely allergy-friendly. Because these devices produce no condensation and consume no oxygen, they are optimally suited for heating enclosed and unventilated spaces.

How it works

Fan heaters of this class usually employ axial fans, but the TDS P series heaters are uniquely equipped with high-performance radial fans. Compared to axial designs, these allow better air performance with higher pressure and less noise. To allow the heat output to be individually adjusted, both TDS models possess a continuously adjustable thermostat and two separate heating levels, with heating capacities of up to 2kW for the TDS 10 P and up to 3kW for the TDS 20 P.

Thanks to their robust metal design, both fan heaters can easily be used to heat cellars, warehouses and cold indoor construction sites, as well as construction trailers or covered market stalls. Integrated overheating protection and additional protection against toppling, which automatically deactivates the devices if they are unintentionally knocked over, guarantee safe usage.

Some of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the robust metal design and stylish colour
  • TÜV-tested quality
  • the long-lasting ceramic PTC heating register
  • the high-performance radial fan for greater air circulation
  • the multi-level temperature control with two heating levels and a separate cold air setting

TDS P series ceramic fan heaters – highly effective, extremely quiet and very affordable!

Order today and take advantage of our current offer price:

incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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