NEW TAC 1500 S air purifier – the optimal solution for dust-free building sites

The new TAC 1500 S is ideal for all those wanting a robust standard solution for clean air during renovations, reconstructions and extensions or painting with airless spraying systems. Coarse dust, fine dust or sprayed paint droplets can be filtered using this device just as reliably as concrete dust, fine sanding dust or plaster dust and highly dangerous quartz dust or asbestos fibres. This means that with the TAC 1500 S you have everything you might require on a building site for air purification immediately at your disposal!

An economical purchase with strong performance values and easy handling – this is what modern air purification is about today. The monoventic regulator makes setting continuously adjustable air quantities possible exactly to your requirements, and the flexible filter system is equipped with variable filter combinations for every building site situation. An operating hours meter is included in the TAC 1500 S series’ inventory, which can be optionally replaced with an MID compliant dual meter for operating hours and kilowatt hours.

This is how it works

Everything is set up for quick filter change and, what’s more, the filters can be combined in various ways. To do this, simply open both quick-release locks on the TAC 1500 S and take off the filter cover: Now you have access to the easy-to-remove filter intake frame and the HEPA filter element housed behind it. The filter intake frame can be flexibly fitted with one to two filter elements: For example, with a G4 filter or additional F7 filter so that two or three stage air purification can be carried out together with the HEPA filter in accordance with dust class H. Equally as possible is using the Trotec paint droplet filters – perfect for the effective extraction of paint droplets when using pressurised air or airless units. A filter change display with alarm tone indicates when the appropriate filters must be changed.

Some of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • professional “made in Germany” quality – original Trotec production
  • the filter system can be flexibly applied for dust and paint droplet extraction
  • the dust class H, permitted for asbestos remediation in accordance with TRGS 519
  • the extremely robust and stackable metal housing
  • Visual and acoustic filter change display
  • Operating hour meter

TAC 1500 S air purifier from Trotec – effective, high-performance, affordable

Don’t miss out on BG BAU’s incentive rate: Order the new TAC 1500 S air purifier today for just £743.26 excluding VAT  – now in the Trotec shop!

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