NEW staplers from Trotec – impressively quick

The two new Trotec staplers are characterised by a quick shot sequence, an impressive striking power and diverse applications.  With the PTNS 10-230V and the batter-powered PTNS 10-3.6V staplers, you can reliably fix films, fabrics, wood, cardboard or leather onto soft wood surfaces. It’s up to you which of our new tools corresponds exactly to your needs. Best of all: Order by the end of CW 42 and save up to 50 % with our deal!

You are good to go with both staplers, as they can both be used flexibly for a great variety of decoration and fixing applications. Thanks to the option of using staples as well as nails, the staplers are the ideal partners for any task: Whether for professional attachment of insulation film, for roof construction or securing wardrobe back panels, for covering a chair with new upholstery, fitting a screen onto a frame or securing the wire mesh in the garden – both devices do an impeccable job and without a doubt belong to the “indispensable helper” tool category.

How it works

The PTNS 10-230V stapler and PTNS 10-3.6V battery-powered stapler can both be operated with different staple lengths and types of material, therefore ensuring an optimal work result: Their integrated staple magazines can be fitted with either up to 100 staples or 50 nails, so that the staplers can be adapted to various tasks. Due to the practical and clearly visible filling level display, you can see at a glance when the magazine needs to be re-filled. Here the reloading or changing of staples and nails is carried out extremely easily with the bottom loader mechanics: Flip over the tool, open the magazine, fill with staples or nails, ready to go! Thanks to the ergonomic handle with softgrip for secure and effortless work, both devices fit comfortably in your hand, even for longer applications.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the suitability for type 53 staples and type 47 nails
  • the quick shot sequence of 20 or 30 (battery-powered stapler) shots per minute
  • the safety switch or safety lug (battery-powered stapler) ensures controlled shot triggering
  • the rubber softgrip lining guarantees an extra good grip

The special advantages of the PTNS 10-230V stapler

The PTNS 10-230V electric stapler is fitted with a powerful 45W motor, to which it owes its great striking power and fast shot sequence. Up to 20 shots in the wood within the minute – and your rabbit gate and roofing paper are reliably and securely “stapled” or “nailed” in no time at all. Due to its performance capacity and simple operation, compact size and low weight, the PTNS 10-230V is the professional solution for diverse attachment applications.

Equipped with the special advantage of a flat lug, the PTNS 10230V can be used with precision near edges and even in corners. Safety is thereby top priority for the user: A safety switch prevents self-triggering or accidental triggering of the shot mechanism.

The special advantages of the PTNS 10-3.7V battery-powered stapler

Its cordless operation makes the PTNS 103.6V battery-powered stapler a versatile tool that is convenient to use. Without a bothersome cable, the handy PTNS 103.6V is ideally suited for a great variety of attachment applications around the house and yard. The battery-powered stapler is at your side anywhere and everywhere as a valuable aid for decoration and fixing work – with a quick shot sequence of 30 shots per minute, you can nail and staple together what belongs together. The device scores points in the work safety category as well with its “safety lug”, as stapling can only be triggered when in operating position.

The battery of the PTNS 103.6V is equipped with long-lasting and powerful lithium-ion technology. This means it knows neither a memory effect nor self-discharging. And thanks to the two-stage battery capacity display, you always have the current charge status at a glance, whereby the supplied charger is used for charging.

Both staplers have confirmed TÜV quality, signed and sealed

With the PTNS staplers from Trotec, you can play it safe, because you are getting TÜV-tested quality with double safety certification for the staplers as well as the battery charger as a guarantee for high quality, safety and functionality. Take advantage of our current pre-order discount until the end of CW 42: Order today and take advantage of our current offer price:

Including 400 type 53 staples (length: 10 mm) and 100 type 47 nails (length: 14 mm),

  • the PTNS 10-3.6V battery-powered stapler reduced from 29.95 € to just 15.96 €,

including charger and 1,000 type 53 staples (length: 6 mm), 1,000 type 53 staples (length: 8 mm) and 500 type 47 nails (length: 10 mm),

incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec shop!

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