Hot glue guns from Trotec – stick together what belongs together!

Until now there were only two options when it came to hot glue guns – either good but expensive, or above all cheap. With Trotec power tools, you can now make a clever choice: Good and cheap at the same time – this is demonstrated by the new PGGS 10-230V cable hot glue gun and the new PGGS 10-3.7V battery-powered hot glue gun. Both are ideally suited for carrying out repairs and touch-ups or decorative and handicraft work. Best of all: Order by the end of CW 41 and save up to 50 % with our deal!

Whether battery-powdered or with a cable – Trotec’s hot glue guns are indispensable helpers in the house or workshop thanks to numerous practical advantages. Anyone who enjoys taking on delicate handicraft work, is into model construction, likes to carry out small repairs in the house quickly and easily, attaches baseboards or decorative elements or repairs seams will no longer want to do without these professional tools in his kit. With our new hot glue guns, you can strongly and permanently adhere wood, plastic, textiles, cardboard, leather, cork, glass, metal, PVC, carpet, seals and ceramic.

How it works

Just insert the appropriate glue stick into the hot glue gun of your choice and switch on the device. After just a few minutes it is ready for operation, and for the battery-powered guns only one minute and you are ready to go. The immediate adhesion of the glue i just seconds eliminates long drying phases and the tedious pressing on the glued parts. The combination of the compact design of both guns with an ergonomic handle, rubber softgrip lining and low total weight enables effortless work. Due to the integrated heat protection and the automatic shut-off after 10 minutes, both devices guarantee utmost work safety. In addition, the glue withdrawal ensures clean work – an integrated drip stopprevents bothersome drip spots.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • Ideal suitability for repairs and handicraft work
  • Immediate adhesion in just a few seconds
  • The rubber softgrip lining in the housing for an extra good grip
  • Effortless work thanks to the low weight

The special advantages of the PGGS 10-230V cable hot glue gun

The PGGS 10-230V, with its electronically controlled heating element, ensures fast operational readiness, and with powerful 25 watt melting performance in continuous operation ensures a constant working temperature of 200 degrees Celsius. The mechanical advancement of the glue stick thereby ensures precise metering as well as targeted.and fast application of the glue. If there is no power outlet in the vicinity, an integrated heat accumulator also enables mobile, cord-free operation of abouthalf an hour. Re-charging takes place by simply setting onto the device holder or connecting the power cable. The wire stand ensures that the device can be safely set down outside of the device holder, and an LED status display signals operational readiness.

Because glue sticks with a diameter of 11 mm and a length of up to 150 mm can be used in the hot glue gun, it is suitable for smaller adhesion applications with a small amount of glue as well as for more elaborate adhesions with a high material consumption. In addition, supplied exchangeable nozzles allow even greater application flexibility: In contrast to the universal nozzle, the extra longfine nozzle enables the use of small amounts of glue even in hard to access areas, and the wide slot nozzle enables glue applicationover larger surfaces, such as for caulking and grouting.

After use, the hot glue gun can be stored cleanly and neatly in the appropriate transport case that comes with the device as standard: it contains the PGGS 10-230V including accessories such as the fine nozzle, wide slit nozzle, universal nozzle, 6 glue sticks, wire stand, device holder with drip tray, and the connection cable.

The special advantages of the PGGS 10-3.7V battery-powered hot glue gun

The mobile battery-powered PGGS 10-3.7V has a powerful 3.7 volt lithium-ion battery, without memory effect and without self-charging, which provides you with the required energy at any time for handicraft work and repairs. TheLED status display thereby signals basic operational readiness of the battery-powered hot glue gun, whereby you can use the supplied charging device to charge the powerful lithium ion battery. Light signalsof thetwo-stage battery capacity display thereby indicate its respective current charge status. Glue sticks with a diameter of 7 mm can be used in the hot glue gun – and along with the PGGS 10-3.7V itself and the battery charger, 10 glue sticks are included in the scope of delivery.

Both hot glue guns are TÜV-quality, verified signed and sealed

With the PGGS hot glue guns from Trotec, you are hedging your bets in every regard, because you get TÜV-tested quality with double safety certification for the hot glue guns as well as the battery charger as a guarantee for high value, safety and functionality. You can take advantage of our current pre-order discount until the end of CW 41 – order today at our current offer price:

incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec shop!

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