NEW PAC 2300 X – 3-in-1 all-rounder with a clever energy-saving solution

Even in the hottest weather this new air conditioner can save you cash – because it is equipped with a particularly clever energy-saving solution. In addition, it has an auto-restart function and additional convenient features. The main benefit, of course, is that as a real 3-in-1 all-rounder the device has both a dehumidification and ventilation function alongside the cooling system. And the best bit: we are offering all this for an unbeatable price again.

Get through the next big heat wave with some cool preparation. This won’t be a problem if you decide on a new PAC 2300 X air conditioner in time. With its 2.3 kW of power and energy efficiency class A, the device is ideally suited to living and working spaces up to 75 m³. Thanks to the clever energy-saving function, the air conditioner enables extremely economical cooling compared with conventional constructions: when the preselected temperature is reached – which can be set on an infinitely variable scale between 17 and 30 °C – the PAC 2300 X’s integrated thermostat completely switches off not only the compressor but also the fan and thus all primary power consumers.

How it works

Of course, when the desired temperature is exceeded, the compressor and fan of the PAC 2300 X air conditioner are automatically activated again, provided the device is switched on. This function is ensured even in the event of a power failure, since thanks to the automatic restart function, the device switches on again with all of the previously selected settings as soon as the power comes back.

With the PAC 2300 X, two ventilation levels as well as the option to adjust the fan direction ensure an optimum distribution of air. In combination with the 24-hour timer, additional costs can be saved as this allows for time-delay activation and deactivation of the device, for example if you only use the room at specific times. You can choose to operate the 3-in-1 all-rounder either with the operating panel on the device or with the infrared remote control included in delivery.

In contrast to many other air conditioners, with the PAC 2300 X the condensation tank only occasionally needs emptying because an intelligent recycling system uses the condensate water to cool the condenser, meaning a large proportion of the condensate evaporates. For a restful night’s sleep, alongside night mode there is the option of completely switching off the LED display so you are not disturbed by unnecessary light. Thanks to its compact construction, integrated recessed grips and transport castors, the air conditioner can be quickly and easily moved between different areas.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the class A energy efficiency
  • the 2.3 kW cooling capacity
  • the three operating modes: cooling, ventilation and dehumidification
  • the two fan settings

PAC 2300 X air conditioner – feel-good climate with energy saving function

Order the 3-in-1 PAC 2300 X air conditioner today at our current sale price, reduced from £351.57 to just £202.13 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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