HyStream 2000 heat gun – finally back in stock and available for delivery!

And the best bit: The HyStream 2000 has been delivered exactly in time for the start of the barbecue season. The maximum temperature of 650 °C reached by the heat gun is more than enough to bring barbecue coals to that perfect glow every time. Naturally, the HyStream 2000 is also the essential tool for bending and fusing plastics, as an example, or for drying and removing paint. But first of all, let’s all go straight to the barbecue!

We have enclosed the grill igniter nozzle in the included adapter nozzles set exactly for this reason! Of course, the HyStream can naturally perform a whole host of other functions: From car wrapping to fusing plastic, deforming materials to tailing off cables, removing paint and material residue to wallpaper stripping, or speedy drying of both glue-related tasks and various paints – as a universal aid for many manual tasks, the heat gun should be a part of every tool collection. It doesn’t just have to be used on the BBQ!

How it works

To optimally configure the HyStream 2000 heat gun for any task, the unit has over 60 temperature levels to choose from, from 50 °C to 650 °C, and a five-level airflow control. The automatic temperature control with integrated overheating protection hereby ensures safe continuous operation. All selected output values are easy to read off the built-in LCD display and the last selected setting can be saved using the memory function – even when the device isn’t turned on.

The ergonomic gun design of our all-round HyStream 2000 enables longer hot air treatments without fatigue – and thanks to the specially balanced weight distribution, this thermal tool can also easily be used in stable stationary operation for hands-free work.

Thanks to the adapter nozzle set already included in the standard scope of delivery, the perfect thermal tool is at your disposal in almost every work setting with the HyStream 2000 heat gun. Whether for precise or widespread heat treatment, or targeted heat radiation deflection for protecting heat-sensitive substrate materials – or even for professional barbecue lighters who want their barbecue coals heated through quickly.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • Ergonomic pistol design
  • LCD display for the selected output values
  • Air volume and temperature can be controlled independently at various levels
  • Adapter nozzles for special applications are also included in the scope of delivery

HyStream 2000 heat gun – for the grill master and their friends!

Free up the grill. Throw on the coals. And for after that: Order the HyStream 2000 heat gun today at our current offer price of just £26.33, reduced from £43.90 incl. VAT – in the Trotec Shop now!

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