NEW PAC 2010 X air conditioning unit – finally available!

Warm, kind of hot sometimes, but not unbearable. That’s been the small talk of the last few days in ice cream parlours and at barbecues. But this year we will once again be faced with multiple heat waves that will surely bring unbearable temperatures with them. Those who have already ordered our new PAC 2010 X air conditioning unit can therefore sit back and relax: it perfectly air-conditions living and office spaces. All models: Order fast or – phew! – you’ll be sweating for the rest of the summer!

Equipped with a cooling capacity of 2.1 kW, the PAC 2010 X cools even mercilessly overheated living and office spaces up to 65 m³ to a pleasant room temperature in a very short amount of time. The target temperature of the mobile 2-in-1 air conditioning unit can be infinitely adjusted between 18 and 32°C. And once the target temperature has been set, the automatic mode ensures that the room permanently stays pleasantly cool. On that note, 2-in-1 describes the cooling capacity as much as the separately operated fan within the unit. With this, you can enjoy a pleasant breeze without having to switch on the cooling function.

How it works

Due to its compact, space-saving design and comfort features, the PAC 2010 X can be moved to any living or office space. The blowing direction can be freely adjusted and the fan strength has two settings. Moreover, the unit helps you to save energy: For one, it is in the energy efficiency class A and you can programme your own individual comfortable atmosphere with its timer function by freely choosing when it switches on and off. For example, it can operate during office hours or only in the evening before bed – refreshing cooling with perfect timing!

So that you can start the day fresh and rested, the air conditioning unit protects your beauty sleep with its whisper-quiet night mode. In order to make the indoor climate perfect, the integrated active carbon filter filters dust, animal hair and irritants from the air. Of course, all filters can be easily removed and cleaned. The condensation created by the humidification and air conditioning is collected in the integrated collecting tank to which a permanent condensation drain can optionally be connected at the back.

The PAC 2010 X can be assembled by hand in just a few steps, is immediately operational and always highly flexible in its uses: For example in the morning in your home office and at night in the bedroom, with the compact dimensions and light-weight rollers making it simple to change its location. All settings such as the operating mode, timer function, ventilation strength or target temperature can be made either using the convenient control panel on the device or with the infrared remote control supplied with the air conditioner. Practical solutions in the details such as the cable winding make using and storing the air conditioner even easier.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the energy efficiency class A
  • the 2.1 kW cooling capacity
  • the two operating modes: cooling and ventilation
  • the two ventilation levels

PAC 2010 X air conditioning unit – cool, affordable brand quality from Trotec!

Place an order today for the new PAC 2010 X local air conditioner at our current offer of just £185.50 including VAT instead of £343.18 – now in the Trotec shop!

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