NEW PAC 2010 S air conditioning unit – finally available!

The new 3-in-1 PAC 2010 S air conditioning units, the affordable alternative to enduring sweaty agitation in your own torrid four walls, is now on its way to our customers once again. The units will provide you with pure relaxation on the spot with its integrated cooling, dehumidifying and ventilating function – above all thanks to the effective automatic system, which creates perfect cooling within the shortest possible time. Does that not sound like an idea worth considering to you?

The PAC 2010 S air conditioning unit is perfectly suited for quickly cooling smaller living and office spaces up to 65 m³ in size with its strong 2 kW cooling capacity in the energy efficiency class A. Two ventilation levels and the varying direction at which the air discharge can be set ensure the perfect air current distribution. Furthermore, by using the automatic mode, the air conditioning unit becomes a very effective and energy saving self-controlled unit: The automatic system regulates the cooling and the ventilation depending on the room temperature and the fixed preset value of 24 °C.

How it works

For a room temperature of 24 °C or over, the PAC 2010 S runs automatically in cooling mode. If the temperature drops below this level, it will be switched automatically to just the ventilator. In conjunction with the integrated 24 hour timer, additional savings can be made as this enables time-controlled activation and deactivation, e.g. when you would only like to use the air conditioning unit at certain times.

All individual settings can be both regulated via the PAC 2010 S’s low-maintenance control panel with membrane buttons and also comfortably controlled via the IR remote control. The air conditioning device can be moved easily and quickly between alternate locations thanks to its compact design, the integrated recessed grips and the transport castors.

Best of all: In contrast to many other air conditioning units, the condensation tank on the PAC 2010 S must only be emptied every now and then as it uses the condensation water to cool the condenser using an intelligent recycling system, thus evaporating off the lion’s share.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the energy efficiency class A
  • the 2.0 kW cooling capacity
  • the three operating modes: cooling, dehumidification and ventilation
  • the two ventilation levels

The 3-in-1 PAC 2010 S air conditioning unit – keep a cool head about it!

Be quick before others beat you to it: Order the 3-in-1 PAC 2010 S air conditioning unit today at our current sale price, reduced from£329.89  to just £178.31 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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