NEW Lux Meter trendy designed by Trotec

Lux Meter BF06

The precise measurement of lighting strength and light incidence is often a necessary part of professional jobs – luxmeters are used by architects, in film and photography studios, for performance monitoring of indoor and outdoor lighting systems and also in measuring light incidence on plants in green spaces, conservatories or in private gardens.

The BF06 is easy to operate – thanks to its new ergonomic design!

The new design’s strengths are displayed in the effective, comfortable handle: it will rest securely in your hand with a lot of grip. And alongside the effective, ergonomic design the device is also growing aesthetically into a real shining light: the visual design in a dominant yellow and black is accompanied by the illuminated functional operator guidance – which includes the aesthetic individual placement of the offset black power button. This now forms the upper ‘keystone’ of the BF06’s two flanks, which are also coloured black.

This is how it works

As a tried and tested German industry design, the entire new light intensity measuring device is a trademarked registered design from Trotec. The device’s large, easy-to-read measurement value display, the maximum value function, the automatic display illumination and the incredibly easy one hand operation shows the practical relevance of our design and makes the BF06 the perfect aid in every area of use.

In addition, the luxmeter’s detector fullfils the requirements of the ISO-accredited International Commission on Illumination, because the BF06’s integrated spectral filter filters out infrared light, meaning only the relevant light spectrum is captured.

Four of many benefits which i like the most:

  • the development and design are 100% Trotec
  • the large and easily readable measurement value display
  • the convenient maximum value function
  • the simplest possible one hand operation

The new lux Meter. For a dazzlingly low price.

Why not order this simple and indispensable aid right now for the introductory price? The new BF06 luxmeter for just £ 20.41 instead of £ 32.67 incl. VAT – available now in our Trotec shop!

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