NEW Industrial dehumidifier TTK 570 ECO – Price-performance winner for outstanding drying results

The new industrial dehumidifier TTK 570 ECO is designed following the principle of “as much performance for as little money as possible”. With outstandingly high performance just where it’s needed – like a dehumidifying capacity of up to 127 litres daily. Plus a budget-friendly design allowing you to do away with unnecessary accessories. The result is an ideal drying device for your requirements – a price-performance winner in all classes.

Inside the solidly built and durable steel housing of the TTK 570 ECO, a powerful rotary piston compressor ensures a high air dehumidification output of up to 127 litres daily. In combination with its impressive hot gas defrosting, the industrial dehumidifier enables excellent drying performance, even at low room temperatures.

How it works

The TTK 570 ECO comes with an operating hours counter to clock up the time used. It also has a connection socket for a External hygrostat, enabling humidity-dependent device control. Together with the external condensate drain, this makes the industrial dehumidifier an ideal appliance for longer periods of unattended drying in automatic operation – plus the drainage hose required for this is included in the scope of supply. The hygrostat connection, operating hours counter, operating switch and fill level warning light are extremely easy to operate thanks to their central accessibility.

The TTK 570 ECO proves to be especially useful in the tough conditions of construction sites. Equipped with an ergonomic handle, large full-rubber tyres and protective rubber feet at the front, the robust dryer is not only optimal to handle and easy to transport, but also highly stable during use. Two integrated cable reels including plug fixing also ensure greater safety when changing location, as they prevent tripping hazards from cables left lying around.

Four of many advantages I particularly like:

  • Outstandingly cost-effective solution for typical dehumidification applications in the industrial sector
  • High dehumidification performance even at low temperatures
  • Robust steel construction in carriage design
  • Can be transported and stored in any position thanks to a rotary piston compressor

Industrial dehumidifier TTK 570 ECO – brand quality from Trotec

Order the industrial dehumidifier TTK 570 ECO today at our current offer price of just £727.62 incl. VAT, reduced from £1,185.23 – in the Trotec shop now!



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