NEW 360° rotation laser BD7A – for precise alignment all round

From professionals to DIY enthusiasts, everyone knows the problems making alignment difficult when fitting wall tiles, colour borders and wall cabinets or drilling exactly positioned dowel holes on a wall at uniform height. But thanks to the new 360° rotation laser BD7A, fumbling around awkwardly with a spirit level and pencil is now a thing of the past: The measuring device, whose battery-powered operation enables use anywhere, allows you to carry out all manner of decoration and assembly tasks – on all four walls at the same time!

Offering a total of 3 projection modes, the new 360° rotation laser makes sure no desire for the highest accuracy remains unfulfilled among craftsmen and DIY enthusiasts. If required, the BD7A projects a single 360° horizontal line for precise level alignment, a vertical laser crossline for perfect wall design at right angles as well as a single vertical line for precise perpendicular alignment. It’s also possible to project an oblique marking line in a freely adjustable angle of inclination, thus making it easier to assemble banisters mounted parallel to the stairs – an otherwise tricky task.

How it works

The integrated laser of the BD7A weighing just 280 g is self-levelling and levels out uneven ground with up to 3° inclination fully automatically. The self-alignment takes only a few seconds and is performed immediately after switching on the device. If self-levelling is not possible owing to greater unevenness or dirt contamination, the laser signals this by an LED lit red along with flashing laser lines.

The latest generation of integrated lithium ion battery ensures permanent power and maximum operating times in the BD7A. Even in daily use with frequent partial discharges, the Li-Ion battery guarantees a long service life without the memory effect familiar from conventional NiCd batteries. Yet extremely practical: the BD7A can quickly be supplied with energy again via a micro-USB connection, the appropriate USB cable supplied along with the device. You can also recharge the rotation laser in your car or via an external power bank, amongst other options.

The BD7A also comes with a combination holder with universal clamp and suction cup, these enabling a wide variety of mounting options on objects and surfaces. No matter whether on glass or tiles, on a shelf or ladder: The BD7A can be fixed easily anywhere and aligned precisely via the adjustable joint on the combination holder – just the way you need for your work. What’s more, the housing of the BD7A is provided with a ¼ inch thread on the base for fastening on standard tripods.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • 3 projection modes: 360° horizontal mode, crossline mode, 90° vertical mode
  • Projection of bright laser lines up to 10 m distance
  • Self-levelling rotation laser is always automatically aligned straight
  • High accuracy of just ± 0.8 mm/m (at 0°)

360° rotation laser BD7A – professional measuring device quality from Trotec

Order the new 360° rotation laser BD7A today at our current offer price, reduced from £90.91 to just £72.72, incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec Shop!

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