NEW Design Convectors of the TCH series – compact quick heaters

Even just looking at the successful design of both heat sources with their pleasant embossed style will warm your heart. And you can feel the cozy warmth of a TCH series convector before you’ve even switched it on – clean, odourless and completely silent. That makes this quick heater the optimum solution, for example in the ever cold bathroom, for the seasonal transition periods or to reinforce the heating already in use on cold days.

In short, the new design convectors of the TCH series are suited to almost any private use. The fan heaters are also excellent for use as frost monitors in unheated cellars and garages, for example. Despite their strong thermal output, which can be set to three different levels, both models TCH 24 E and TCH 26 E impress with their remarkably low energy consumption. You can set your desired thermal output with ease thanks to their thermostat-controlled automatic operation: The thermostat implements your set value and regulates the thermal output independently and energy efficiently up until automatic deactivation/activation.

How it works

With the TCH series convectors, the air in the devices is warmed up using electrically heated wires and consequently rises as a result, creating a natural suction effect, which draws the cold room air into the fan heater. This leads to a constant circulation of warm air in the entire room, which flows into every corner. The heat spreads evenly all around, thus preventing individual areas from becoming overheated or underheated.

With their plug-in operation, both models can be used flexibly, for example in the guest room or in the recreation room in the cellar. As free-standing devices, you can use the TCH convectors immediately and there is an overheating protection for extra safety. If the devices are to be fixed to the wall, there are two suspension devices for this integrated on the back of each device.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like with both TCH convectors:

  • up to a 2000 W thermal output for clean, condensation-free and odourless heating
  • continuous thermostat control
  • three heating levels
  • thermostat-controlled automatic operation

Design convector TCH 26 E – has two exclusive benefits

  • You want heat even quicker? No problem: with the TCH 26 E you can simply turn on the turbo. The model has a connectible turbo blower for faster air circulation which you can use to get your rooms to your desired temperature in next to no time.
  • You want punctual heat to the minute? With the TCH 26 E, you can program your individual heating periods using the integrated timer – in advance from 15 minutes to 24 hours.

TCH series design convectors – affordable heat for a feeling of well-being!

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