NEW Conveying fans TTV 1500 and TTV 2500 – finally available for delivery immediately!


The new axial fans are here! Straight from our production line to our distribution warehouse. All of them in Trotec’s stylish new industrial design and all thoroughly prepared for their new job; the TTV 1500 and the TTV 2500 are professionals when it comes to providing a fresh air supply in poorly ventilated rooms or ventilation during channel construction works or welding. Interested? See for yourselves what our TTV conveying fans have to offer…

Both the TTV 1500 and the TTV 2500 axial fans get the job done wherever large quantities of air must be circulated quickly and easily in moderate conditions – whether its creating a fresh air supply or as air extractors. Air transport hoses can be easily attached to either side of the fan. It is precisely this combination of fan and air hose that makes these units into universal
air conveyor systems which can be used flexibly for tasks where pressure or extraction is required. To increase the airflow, simply fit the TTV 1500 and/or the TTV 2500 as a connection between the two hoses. What’s more, you can use both conveying fans for dust extraction using the 3 metre long dust bag which is available separately

This is how it works

Set them up, switch them on, done: The axial fans offer a ready-to-plug-in solution that impresses with its wide-range of features. Not only are they functional, but they are also practical and manufactured using a tried-and-tested industrial design. For instance, the TTV 1500 and the TTV 2500 conveyor fans can be stacked on top of each other making them suitable for a wide range of tasks and, at the same time, compact and easy to transport and store. A comparison of the two new axial fans’ most important basic technical features:

TTV 1500 TTV 2500
Air volume max. 1,200 m³/h 2,600 m³/h
Air flow air discharge/air intake air discharge/air intake
Hose length max.: 15 m max.: 38 m
Air pressure max. 225 Pa 300 Pa

This means that both new fans have greatly improved performance compared to their predecessors. For example, the TTV 1500 has twice the air volume capacity of its predecessor and of other models on the market in the same category.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • its development, design and manufacture are 100% Trotec
  • its double-sided hose connection nozzle on the discharge and suction side
  • its sturdy polyethylene housing
  • its space-saving stackability for storage and transport

Conveying fans TTV 1500 and TTV 2500 – a Trotec professional solution

Convinced? Then take advantage of our current offer: Order them today, the new

including VAT – now available in the Trotec shop!

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