NEW Aircooler PAE 25 – available again just in time for the hottest days of summer!


Our new elegant Aircooler PAE 25 sold out faster than expected – but new stocks are on the way. Today the delivery of our great-value air conditioning miracle is beginning again, which in contrast to conventional air conditioning units works without chemical coolants and without laborious installations. The PAE 25 does not even need an exhaust hose, which with mobile air conditioning units need to be attached to doors or windows.

It is easy to explain why our new air cooler has no installation restrictions whatsoever. The Aircooler uses the evaporation cooling of the ice or cold water inside it in order to cool down the warm air flowing in. When doing this, thanks to an integrated air filter and the sophisticated honeycomb structure of the evaporation filter, the air is sucked in and filtered first, then humidified and finally fed back into the room cooled using the fan. The unit does all this with extremely low operating costs – an air circulation capacity of 320 m³/h only requires a power consumption of about 65 watts!

This is how it works

Four ventilation speeds, the adjustable blow-out direction and the automatic swivel movement that can be switched on and off in Swing mode provide you with more opportunities to adjust the air circulation of the PAE 25 to perfectly suit your taste. What’s more the night mode is so quiet that it can even be used in noise-sensitive bedrooms. The timer function allows the unit to be programmed in relation to your personal habits. You can set all of these functions with a remote control or on the unit itself as well.
The best possible provisions for long cooling and humidifying times are made with our Aircooler using a large 6 litre water tank. Because of its low hourly water consumption of just under 1 litre, the water tank only has to be refilled about once a day in the office. Whether at home or in the office, the compact Aircooler PAE 25 is always perfectly prepared to change its place of operation – thanks to its four floor rollers and the practical integral design of the handle, the air filter can be conveniently transported.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the practical ventilation function for air cooling and freshening
  • the efficient evaporation cooling with honeycomb technology
  • the climate-friendly operation thanks to water evaporation
  • the increase in cooling performance by means of cold packs and ice cubes

Aircooler PAE 25 – stay cool: All day long and in the heat of the night!

If you are looking for both a great-value and effective cooling system, then don’t hesitate: Order the Aircooler PAE 25 today for just £117.41 incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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