NEW BZ15C Thermohygrometer – optimum climate control in the Classic Car Garage

Classic car owners are conscious of the consequences of air being too humid or too dry for their classic car when it is kept in the garage. If the air humidity is too high, the sheet steel of any classic car begins to corrode severely, and if it is too low, the leather and plastic materials become brittle and porous. That’s why it is every classic car owner’s duty to monitor the air humidity – and they can do this with just one glance at the new BZ15C thermohygrometer, which was designed specially for this purpose.

You can see whether the air humidity in your garage is actually in the ‘green zone’ immediately with the new BZ15C thermohygrometer. Thanks to its special scale design with a climate-related colour indication, the mechanical hygrometer enables the air humidity and room temperature in the garage to be read off quickly and clearly – and with that you will have already taken the most important precautions against your classic car dropping in value.

The colour scale of the BZ15C is very easy to read

  • If the air humidity is only up to 35% RH, the air in the garage is normally too dry for leather and plastic materials. Brittle leather, porous seals and cable ruptures may be the result – in this case, the needle moves into the red zone accordingly.
  • So that rust and corrosion cannot start their destructive action in the background and mould cannot settle unnoticed behind the fittings and on seats, the maximum air humidity should be 45 to 50% RH – the green zone.
  • From as low as 55% RH, metal begins to corrode at an extreme rate and moisture esters can no longer be dried off. From an air humidity of 70%, mould fungi find their ideal breeding ground after just a few hours – of course, this is why these risk areas are also in the red zone on the colour scale of the BZ15C.

How it works

The measuring accuracy of the BZ15C is ± 3% relative humidity in the range between 20 and 100% RH. In addition, the thermohygrometer is fitted with a high-quality ‘Made in Germany’ measuring mechanism, which guarantees a high measuring accuracy without the need for maintenance. Using this mechanism, the change in length of a specially pretreated synthetic fibre is measured, which expands when it is humid and constricts when it is dry. The change in length is converted into a rotary motion with a lever and axles and made visible by the needle.

The hygrometer’s display can be easily corrected and calibrated by means of a zero point correction. Of course, you can also install the BZ15C in the house itself – it also performs valuable services in monitoring the room climate for all kinds of private collections, for example.

Four of the many advantages which I particularly like:

  • The high quality Made in Germany measuring mechanism
  • The special scale design with climate-related colour indication
  • The simple readability and interpretation
  • The inclusion of the calibration option

BZ15C thermohygrometer – the best precaution for protecting your expensive classic car

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