Favourable, small and handy – the new BY10 tyre pressure meter

Trotec BY10 tyre pressure meter
Small & handy - the BY10

Just imagine if life would be a little bit more comfortable. What if there was a small and handy tool which allows you to save valuable time – and money! Well, there’s yet another smart solution from the Trotec MultiMeasure Basic-Series.

It is well known that low tyre pressure causes tyre wear and a higher mileage. To prevent our customers from additional costs on their cars and motorcycles Trotec now offers the BY10 tyre pressure meter. This very favourable and user-friendly measuring devices is suited best for the use at home or if you’re constantly on the go by car.

You don’t need to rely on tyre pressure pumps at filling stations which are often badly main-tained or poorly placed anymore. The BY10 tyre pressure meter fits on all Schrader or American valves, which are used on nearly all tyre makes for cars, motorbikes, mountain bikes or even kids’ bikes. The device got a measuring range from 0.35 to 6.9 Bar, 5 to 100 PSI and 35 to 690 kPa.

So don’t hesitate and grab a BY10 tyre pressure meter right now! Simply go to the online shop and save money today!

Buy a favourable BY10 tyre pressure meter online.

Get more information on the BY10 tyre pressure meter here.

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