NEW BE48 Multi-Meter – finally here and available for delivery immediately!


Measure ‘Watt’ you want! With our new BE48 Multi-Meter you are in the best possible position in the DIY and amateur market for virtually all metrological questions to do with electricity. Regardless of whether it’s direct or alternating current, voltage, resistance, diodes and continuity test – with one turn of our BE48 you will always get precise measurement results. And also at a highly attractive price-performance ratio.

With its total of seven measuring functions, our new BE48 multi-function device offers you a whole array of possible applications in addition to simply measuring voltages in batteries and sockets. Here is how to set different measuring ranges on the setting dial for example: You will find the measuring range for direct current voltages on the top left, you can measure alternating current from a socket or lamp holder on the top right. On the bottom right you can measure the current (ampere) of consumers such as light sources. And if you turn the switch one more time to the bottom left area, you can measure the resistance up to 2 megaohms.

This is how it works

With its functions for testing diodes and batteries, an acoustic continuity test and a display for the battery condition, the Multi-Meter meets all the expectation of a dedicated DIY-enthusiast. The BE48 also corresponds to the measuring circuit category CAT III 600 V and is therefore suited for measuring within the building installation. A rubberised protective holster around the device, which can be removed for cleaning, effectively protects the device from damage. In addition a collapsible base is integrated into the rubber holster, which once again makes handling the BE48 noticeably easier. The practically-oriented equipment of the Multi-Meter is rounded off with a pair of safety measurement lines with probes and a battery included in the delivery to allow the measuring device to be used immediately.

Four of the many advantages I find to be particularly good:

  • The robust multi-function measuring device with rubberised protective holster
  • The CAT III 600 V measuring circuit category
  • The diode test function
  • The battery test function for 9 volts and 1.5 volts

BE 48 Multi-Meter – when it depends on more than just voltage!

No ambitious DIY-enthusiast or passionate craftsman should be without it: Order the BE48 Multi-Meter today at our current sale price, no longer for £16.48 but instead for just £8.15 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

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