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In order to be well-equipped, fire departments and THW groups rely on powerful units, for instance when rectifying flood water damage in deployment areas or dealing with the consequences of heavy rain. Pumping out water, constructing dams, creating run-offs and many other actions have to be completely mastered. Of course, the technical equipment has to be right too. The technology of the condensation dehumidifiers from the Trotec TTK series have proven highly effective for such expensive and exhaustive continuous use! Powerful and mobile. A strong partner, always at your side!

Reliable and powerful. This describes the aids from the technical relief organization and fire departments when it comes to relief work in flood regions or when extinguishing fires and during clean-up work. That is what they expect from their technical equipment. The men and women can only work as well as their tools and the technical equipment allow.

After a flood, which was brought water into the cellar, ground or upper floors, the aids from THW first utilize pumps to remove the water. Then, they start to clean and dry the buildings. In order to prevent mildewing and damage to the structural substance, moisture should be removed as quickly as possible. The question quickly arises: Who can fight the water damage, continuously and at full power? Without tiring or taking breaks while maintaining the same work quality? The answer is quite simple: a mobile, extremely powerful dehumidifier! These should also be used after the fire department extinguishes a fire and the building is wet with extinguishing foam. Often, ventilation is not sufficient.

Always ready

Always ready for the best performance: That is what the condensation dehumidifiers from the TTK professional series from Trotec stand for. The clever technology is installed in a nearly indestructible steel sheeting structure and works particularly reliably when continuously dehumidifying in rough environments. For instance, the TTK 800 model disposes of a particularly powerful and efficient rotation compressor, an extremely robust high-pressure radial fan and several high-quality, electronic and mechanical components which guarantee an extremely high dehumidification capacity. With this power pack, you can renovate rooms up to 800 square meters after water damage. Flow slats also ensure even distribution of the dry air. The high-quality compressor technology can be transported in any position, standing or lying down. And, of course, the TTK, like all other models in this series, can be easily brought to the deployment site thanks to the robust wheels and the practical handle. You can deal with the water drainage as it suits you best. Depending on the model and type of deployment, you can choose whether to collect the water in an external tank, with or without a submersible pump or drain it via an automatic condensate pump.

Trotec has the power packs when it comes to dehumidification – and you have the choice. Look at the individual models and learn why the TTK professionals are the most successful building dehumidifiers in Europe.

Here are the professionals:

TTK 200 – mini-pro with maximum power
TTK 400 – the flexible all-rounder
TTK 800 – the “work horse”
TTK 1500 – the “drying colossus”

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