NEW battery-powered compressor and battery-powered air pump!

Before you set off on a lovely Sunday bike ride, you might notice that the tyres need to be pumped up. And we wouldn’t like to think what could happen if a car tyre is not sufficiently inflated. But we don’t have to, because from now on you will have easy and unlimited access to the compressed air that you need, thanks to our new battery-powered compressor and new battery powered air pump.

Is your football more wobbly than normal? It’s clearly missing a few BARs! Is your dinghy sitting too low in the water? It just needs some more air! In cases like these, you’ll always be prepared with our new duo, the PCPS 10‑16V battery-powered compressor and the PCPS 11‑16V battery-powered air pump – both devices together are the perfect combination for all eventualities. The battery-powered compressor impresses with a pressure preselection feature, which automatically turns the PCPS 10-16V off when it reaches the desired pressure and the battery-powered air pump will win you over with its 2 in 1  function – making inflating and deflating no problem at all.

How it works

Both the compressor and the air pump are equipped with a lithium ion battery with a powerful 16 V of power but with no memory-effect and no self-drain. This flexpower multi-battery can be combined with other 16 V cordless tools in our range. A practical feature of the flexpower multi-battery is the integrated three-level battery capacity display, where you can see the current battery charge status at any time.

Both devices have an effective LED work lamp, which enables flexible use, even in low light conditions. The devices are also very easy to use with intuitive operation and the rubber softgrip lining in the housing making for an extra firm grip, so that you can use both the compressor and the air pump effortlessly, even during long projects.

Four of many advantages that I particularly like:

  • the powerful, 16 V lithium ion battery with no memory-effect and no self-drain
  • the flexpower multi-battery can be combined with other 16 V cordless tools in our range
  • the integrated LED work lamp
  • the rubber softgrip lining in the housing for an extra firm grip

The PCPS 10‑16V battery-powered compressor impresses with its pressure preselection

The PCPS 10‑16V battery-powered compressor is ideal for high air pressure  as well as car and bike tyres, it can pump up all types of balls as well as games and sporting goods. The pressure preselection is especially useful in these instances, as it automatically switches the PCPS 10-16V off when the desired pressure is reached. The large and easy to read LCD display shows the pressure values in BAR or PSI.

  • Ideal for high air pressure: Tyres, balls, games and sporting goods and many more.
  • Pressure preselection with automatic shut-off at when the desired pressure is reached
  • Large, easy to read LCD pressure values display, either in BAR or PSI

PCPS 11‑16V battery-powered air pump wins you over with its 2 in 1 function

The PCPS 11-16V battery-powered air pump, designed for home use, is especially suitable for small jobs and fills air mattresses, beach items, air beds, swimming pools, camping goods and dinghies. The three different sized air nozzles are practical as they can be used with all common valve openings and guarantee a good filling performance.

Furthermore, the Air Pump has an innovative 2 in 1 function, making inflation effortless and deflation just as easy – an absolute necessity when the speedy deflation of an air mattress or dinghy is required.

  • 2 in 1 multifunction air pump, high performance for home and outdoor use
  • Great filling performance with three air nozzles for common sizes of inflatable products such as air mattresses, beach items, dinghies, air beds, swimming pools and camping goods

Battery-powered compressor and air pump – TÜV-certified brand quality from Trotec!

Order the new PCPS 10‑16V battery-powered Compressor and the PCPS 11‑16V battery-powered air pump today at our current offer price, reduced from £68.45 to just £45.61 incl. VAT. – now in the Trotec-Shop!

The PCPS 10-16V battery-powered Compressor, the PCPS 11-16V battery-powered Air Pump and the charging device are delivered to you ready to use in a transport case and are of TÜV-certified quality, guaranteeing high value, safety and functionality

  • Compressed air hose with threaded connection
  • Dunlop valve
  • Sclaverand valve
  • Ball needle
  • Three universal plastic adapters
  • Universal adapter for valves with an inner diameter of 8mm
  • Adapter for screw-on valves
  • Adapter for venting valves
  • Quick charge device
  • Replaceable batteries

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