NEW B 25 E design humidifier – the optimal stylish solution

b25eOur new B 25 E humidifier proves convincing both on the inside with modern humidification technology and on the outside with a perfectly formed design. And the terms of today’s DEAL offer are just as appealing as this this device’s appearance: We are offering a cost saving of over 45 % – since if you order right away, you will benefit from our maintenance discount up until delivery in calendar week 51 and save an extra 10 euros!

While the exterior elegance of the B 25 E is self-evident to anyone who lays eyes on it, the internal features of this humidifier require a more detailed explanation: Especially in winter, the relative humidity in the closed and heated rooms is decreased by dry heating, fireplace or PC air, often well below the optimal value of 45%-60%. However, an appropriate air humidity level is absolutely necessary for us to feel comfortable and go about day-to-day tasks because airways and mucous membranes should not dry out and be left unable to fulfil their protective function. In particular, babies and children are very sensitive to dry air because their skin and noses dry out more quickly and their airways are more vulnerable. Our new humidifiers – with their humidification output of up to 350 ml/h – keep the humidity in rooms of up to 60 m² optimally humid.

This is how it works

Thanks the hygrostat-controlled automatic mode, you can leave the humidification of your rooms up to the B 25 E. All you have to do is select your desired target value from among the five settable humidity levels. Our new humidifier uses the gentle principle of cold evaporation technology: here water evaporates on the surface of a filter which is significantly enlarged by means of a honeycomb structure. The dry air is drawn through the filter where it is enriched with moisture and then released back into the room as humid air at one of four selectable fan levels. Here the air absorbs only as much water as it can, ruling out the possibility of over-humidification and always providing the user with an optimal humidity range of between 40% and 60%. Lime and other pollutants in the water (e.g. germs building up) remain in the water tank or in the filter and are therefore not released into the room air. This ensures hygienic operation with bacteria emissions 99% lower than with ultrasound humidifiers.

The device has a separate integrated scent oil container, preventing clogging of the filter and thus providing a feeling of comfort with the fragrance of your choosing. This means you can rest assured that your home always smells fresh and inviting and the right atmosphere is in place. The change of filter display shows when the easily removable filter needs to be replaced. This humidifier, which is quiet in normal operation, goes even further to assist you sleep soundly thanks to its night mode with dimmable LEDs. The auto-off function for when the water tank is empty rounds off convenient technical profile of the B 25 E and reduces its already low energy consumption level even further.

And as one final technical feature, there is something especially clever: At the bottom of the water tank you will find an extra embedded holder for a SecoSan stick. This stick is included in the delivery and prevents the multiplication of bacteria by releasing silver ions with an active antibacterial surface. Unlike other cleaning materials, the SecoSan stick regulates its own dosages – so the water in the humidifier tank remains fresh and uncontaminated for up to 6 months long.

Some of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • the internal hygrostat with five humidity values
  • the four-level fan
  • the integrated scent oil container
  • the auto-off function for when the water tank is empty
  • 360° distribution of the air – the humidified air is distributed evenly into the entire room
  • Can be filled with normal tap water – no distilled water required
  • Large water tank with three litres for extended periods of humidification

The B 25 E always ensures optimally humid air – at home or in the office

Enjoy the benefits of our offer: Order the B 25 E today, not for £66.45, but for just £36.38, incl. VAT and only available until calendar week 51 – in the Trotec shop now!

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