NEW B 25 E design humidifier – finally available!


Right in time for Christmas, give a treat to your loved one or yourself, or simply start the new year in even more comfort – our new B 25 E humidifier is available now! Everything about this device is simply stylish – starting with the design, through advanced technology, to the sensational deal with a saving of over 33 %.

In closed and heated rooms,  the relative humidity decreases to below the optimum value of 45% – 60%, drying out airways and mucous membranes and leaving them unable to fulfil their protective function –  babies and children are particularly at risk since their skin and noses dry out more quickly and their airways are more vulnerable. Now that we are stuck in the middle of the heating period, our new  B 25 E humidifier is in more demanded than ever, as it keeps the air in rooms up to 24 m² optimally humid with a humidification output of up to 350 ml/h.  Thanks to the hygrostat-controlled automatic mode, the device is easy to use – all you have to do is select your desired target value from among the five available humidity levels, it will then be completely automatically controlled by the B 25 E. And, best of all: If desired, the humidifier diffuses essential oils in a fragrance of your choice. You pour a little of this into the separate scented oil container, which simultaneously prevents the filter from sticking. Our new noble B 25 E humidifier fits in not only through its appearance in any living environment, it works within its high-quality aluminium housing, clearly more elegant than plastic devices.

This is how it works

Our new design humidifier works according to the cold evaporation principle: The water evaporates through a honeycomb structure on the surface of an enlarged filter. The dry air is drawn through the filter where it is enriched with moisture and then released back into the room as humid air at one of four selectable fan levels. Here the air absorbs as much water as is intended, ruling out the possibility of over-humidification thanks to the hygrostat control. Furthermore, the B 25 E ensures hygienic operation with bacterial emissions 99 % lower than in ultrasound humidifiers, as lime and other pollutants in the water tank or in the filter, where germs build up, are retained and not released into the air. A filter change indicator signals when the easily removable filter is due to be replaced.

With dimmable LEDs, the very quiet device uses the night mode to allow for an undisturbed sleep. The auto-off function, for when the water tank is empty, reduces its already low energy consumption level even further. The technical equipment of the B 25 E is completed by an extra embedded holder for a SecoSan stick at the bottom of the water tank. This stick is included in the delivery and prevents the multiplication of bacteria by releasing silver ions with an active antibacterial surface. After all, the SecoSan stick regulates its own dosages – so the water in the humidifier tank remains fresh and uncontaminated for up to 6 months long.

Some of the many advantages that I find particularly good:

  • The high-quality aluminium housing
  • The internal hygrostat with five humidity values
  • The four-level fan
  • The integrated scent oil container
  • The auto-off function for when the water tank is empty
  • 360° distribution of the air – the humidified air is distributed evenly into the entire room
  • Can be filled with normal tap water – no distilled water required
  • Large water tank with three litres for extended periods of humidification

B 25 E humidifier – for your optimal well-being

Use our current offer: Order the B 25 E today, for £45.95, instead of £68.94, incl. VAT – in the Trotec shop now!

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