Adviser: “Bad air leads to sickness” – Odours and stenches


Unpleasant odour sources can make the room air unbearable for many people. The ashtray is the best example: its smell spreads an intense stench of stale smoke. Sometimes such odours even evoke fears of pollution. Even when odours are perceived by the body as signals of a threat, they can cause anxiety, fear or aggression. And precisely because they seriously endanger health.

Even if most odours do not cause serious lasting damage to health, they can cause acute nausea. The build-up of unpleasant odours cannot be avoided of course. Therefore, it applies in general that indoors only those odours that are usually generated should occur, for example:
Food odours in the kitchen. But penetrating cooking odours appear annoying, in the long run. A powerful extractor hood is therefore a must, mainly in the open kitchen. Or as an alternative, one of the new 3-in-1 devices, AW 10 S and AW 20 S  from Trotec – they each offer a humidifier, air purifier and a deodoriser in one device. All other smells can be an indication of the evaporation of chemicals that originate, for example, from paints, floor coverings, adhesives or from furniture and carpets. And often enough also mould release odours.

So to avoid unpleasant odour sources

  • Paints, coatings and adhesives

For these materials you generally choose ‘solvent-free’ products. However, this term only indicates that no volatile substances are used. In contrast, heavy volatile materials may well be included, for example, solvents, plasticizers, preservatives, emulsifiers or diluters. The amount of chemical given off by volatile substances is higher, it does however fade away quicker – heavy volatile substance gases are weaker, but linger for longer. Therefore, even ‘solvent-free’ products can give off annoying odours. Also flooring adhesives often smell very unpleasant, especially parquet adhesive. Particularly solvent-free or low-dispersion primers and adhesives often lead to unpleasant odours. Nevertheless, it is advisable to choose these products for reasons of health and safety, and environmental protection.

  • Furniture and flooring

Furniture can give off odours such as formaldehyde or so-called volatile organic compounds (VOC). On one hand, the support material may be the source, so the wood or chipboard and fibreboard. On the other hand, coatings can also leave solvent odours behind or odorous compounds can arise after oxidation processes. Also new floor coverings frequently give off odours. As a rule, the new smell should disappear after 8 weeks at the latest. Those who cannot stand this smell will probably smell it for a bit longer. Installation without adhesives is definitely environmentally and nose-friendly: So floor coverings can be laid loosely, fixed with tape or braces; parquet can be nailed, screwed or stapled.

  • Mould

Frequently, an odour problem is caused by exposure to mould. The infestation may be visible, but often the annoying roommate is hiding in cavities behind cladding, ceilings or walls, for example. The musty and stuffy odour is the first indication you get. This suspicion should be explored by determining the concentration of spores in the air. A hidden infestation can also be ascertained with a mould tracker.

Odour-free air – with Trotec Air washers AW 10 S and AW 20 S

Both Air washers clean the air and remove unpleasant odours such as tobacco smoke or food smells. For this, they dispense ions, by means of the integrated plasma generator, into the air, which bind the unwanted odour molecules together. Both operate according to the best recognised principle of humidification of cold evaporate, an innovative technology, after the release of any unwanted particle is taken out of the air.

  • The AW 10 S is a 3-in-1 combi device – it not only humidifies the air but it is also self-regulating via cold evaporationand it washes the air and also cleans it of pet hair, house dust, pollen as well as odours. Before the air is let back into the room, it is ionised in a plasma generator – to eliminate odours and pollutants.
  • The AW 20 S features a 3-in-1 combi device with a smart combi sensor which also constantly detects both relative humidity and the particle load of the air and thus automatically controls the automatic mode for perfectly humidified and purified air. The 3-stage high-performance filtering of AW 20 S effectively eliminates particles, viruses, bacteria, dust, and odours from the air, by means of a pre-filter, HEPA filter as well as the plasma generator.

Clean air – with innovative solutions from Trotec

The built-in air washers AW-series AirgoPro® ion insulator produces a high concentration of hydrogen cations and oxygen anions, which otherwise only occur in forests or waterfalls. Similar to the pleasantly fresh air after a thunderstorm, the ions are isolated from the bonded water in the air via an electrostatic effect. This consequently combines them with waterborne odours in the air, and those of opposite polarity withdraw by recombination ions, whereupon the odours split and are thus noticeably reduced by the principle of nature. Inform yourself comprehensively about all the advantages offered to you by our air quality management system using the humidifiers from Trotec. Also enjoy the benefits of our current deals – in the Trotec shop now!


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