NEW air conditioning unit PAC 4100 E – the innovative 3-in-1 unit is back in stock!


The heatwave over the last few weeks led to a heated demand for cooling – and for our air conditioning units. Our new mobile power package PAC 4100 E was in particularly high demand and sold out rapidly. No wonder, as the unit has, in addition to its cooling function, a dehumidifying and ventilation function at its disposal. This creates a wonderfully comfortable indoor climate – provided that it is still in stock (as it is right now).

Nearly all weather experts forecast a classic Indian summer. But no matter how warm it becomes outside, efficient cooling of spacious apartments, practices and office spaces will be achieved with the PAC 4100 E – as the unit works according to energy efficiency class A, which reduces energy consumption. A good reason then to take a detailed look at the new air conditioning unit: The PAC 4100 E …

  • also has,in addition to the cooling function of this high-performance 3-in-1 unit,  a fully automatic dehumidifying and ventilation function at its disposal. With its high cooling power of 4.1 kW, our new air conditioning unit ensures refreshing cooling of heated rooms up to 54 m2, even at temperatures of nearly 40 degrees. With its high dehumidifying capacity of max. 1.6 litres per hour and its three-stage adjustable ventilation setting, the air conditioning unit creates a holistic and comfortable atmosphere.
  • reliably ensures the optimum operating mode with its hygrostat-controlled automatic mode for reaching the desired indoor climate. Then, using either the wide-range IR remote control or the convenient control panel on the device, you can set your chosen operating mode – cooling, dehumidifying and ventilation. The timer function enables time-controlled, energy-saving activation and deactivation.
  • purifies the air of fluff, dust and animal hair. Removing the filter for cleaning is very easy. Condensation produced through dehumidifying and air conditioning is collected into the integrated collection tank – alternatively you can also connect a permanent condensate outlet to it.
  • makes every change of location easy. Changing locations, for example between the bedroom and living room, can be done quickly thanks to the easy-running wheels and the ergonomically designed recessed grips. Finally, a convenient compartment for holding the cable simplifies storage of the device after the cooling season has ended.

The PAC 4100 E air conditioning unit – a cosy and comforting atmosphere is ensured with this new 3-in-1 unit!

Order the PAC 4100 E air conditioning unit today for only £366.69 incl. VAT,reduced from £595.89 – in the Trotec shop now!

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