Industrial dehumidifier TTK 171 ECO – back in stock!


Due to strong demand from the renovation and construction sectors, the TTK 171 Eco temporarily sold out – but now the high-performance industrial dehumidifier is back in stock. Due to its high dehumidifying performance, its professional hot gas system and its perfect carriage design, the dehumidifier is both an economical and cost-saving solution for many typical drying applications in the commercial sector.

We expect that the TTK 171 Eco will once again only be available for a strictly limited period. Its major advantages unequivocally point towards it rapidly selling out – as a professional, simply see the impressive quality of our professional dehumidifier for yourself. The TTK 171 Eco …

  • has an impressive dehumidification capacity for drying thanks to its powerful rotary compressor. Suited for room sizes up to 80 m² or 220 m³, the device offers a dehumidifying capacity of up to 52 litres within 24 hours. What’s more, its professional hot gas automated system ensures a high dehumidifying capacity even at temperatures as low as 5 °C, for instance in unheated rooms or cold construction sites.
  • is equipped with a hygrostat-controlled automatic mode. Simply specify your desired humidity value on the low maintenance control panel with digital display in percentages. The target value is then displayed alongside the current actual value.
  • is optimally suited for unattended professional drying tasks on construction sites. Because the device features a connection for an external condensate outlet – with an optional pump if required. Activation and deactivation times can be configured using the timer function. These are retained even after a power failure – which occur even on the best construction sites – due to the integrated memory function.
  • can be used for supplying dry air as needed or drying out small cavities. The unit is equipped with a special pressure fan specifically for this purpose, to which an air hose can be easily fitted using adaptor connectors. These are optionally available.
  • is designed for the tough terrain of building sites thanks to its professional carriage construction. The handlebar, handholds and large wheels make transporting the unit easier, even up or down stairs.

The TTK 71 Eco dehumidifier – decide quickly to get better dehumidification!

Order the TTK 171 Eco dehumidifier today, reduced from £529.15 to just £366.69 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec shop!

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