NEW Air conditioning unit PAC 3550 Pro – up to 25% more efficient cooling


Scorching heat collects in rooms when temperatures soon hit the 30 degree Celsius mark only a few days in a row. Ventilation won’t be of any help . You have to lower the temperature with an air conditioner. Thanks to our new PAC 3550 Pro, you can keep a cool head while keeping an eye on costs: Our modern two-hose device achieves 25% more cooling efficiency than single-tube air-conditioning units – and at a lower power consumption.

With its 3.5 kW cooling capacity, our new air conditioner lowers the room temperature in rooms up to 45 m² pleasantly quickly. All this makes the PAC 3550 PRO with its innovative dual-hose technology and as a Class A energy efficiency device pleasantly efficient and cost-conscious. Because the PAC 3550 PRO mobile air conditioner has two outwardly routed hoses, whereby the second hose acts as suction hose for fresh air. This significantly increases the efficiency of the air conditioning unit by up to 25%. In contrast, by blowing out exhaust air, air conditioners equipped with single-tube technology create a vacuum in rooms that permanently allows hot outside air to flow back into the room. This reduces the cooling effect and sometimes creates unpleasant drafts.

This is how it works

The convenient functions of the PAC 3550 PRO let you enjoy more time spent relaxing thanks to its intelligent controls for example: All settings, such as the operating mode, fan speed and target temperature, can be set either on the control panel of the device or via the IR remote control. The timer function permits time-controlled activation and deactivation of the device and sensors in automatic mode detect whether the room temperature must be cooled down or ventilated.

Its three-stage ventilation and the adjustable flow lamellae distribute the cool air throughout the room. At the same time, the device filters and dehumidifies the room air and thus provides a refreshing and pleasant indoor climate. A warning LED signals that the water tank must be drained. The two pre-mounted air filters are easy to remove and clean. The condensate is collected in the integrated water tank. A permanent condensate drain also can be attached.

Four of the many advantages that I particularly like:

  • 25% more efficiency thanks to dual-hose technology
  • its class A energy efficiency
  • its 3.5 kW cooling capacity
  • its three operating modes cooling, dehumidification and ventilation

PAC 3550 Pro – and you can keep a cool head!

Order the PAC 3550 Pro air conditioning unit today at our current sale price of just £459.34 incl. VAT – now in the Trotec Shop!

Our recommendation: Use the optional 200 AirLock window seal to attach the supplied hose combination. This makes sure that these are conducted to the outside without letting in the cold and lets you attach hoses to any type of window available. You can purchase the AirLock 200 window seal at our special price of only £24.15, incl. VAT.


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