NEW 15-piece stone drill bit set – carbide tip with 89 HRC hardness

It comes down to the tip – which in our new stone spiral drill bit set is made of a particularly robust carbide with 89 HRC hardness. Because professionals know that simple drills cannot cut into granite, concrete or brick. Rather, special stone drills are required with tips that pound the material with small strokes. Incidentally, we have prepared such a drill at our excellent prices.

Whether you want to drill into granite, concrete, masonry, lime sandstone, natural or artificial stone, with the professional stone drill bit set of Trotec brand quality, you are optimally equipped for any of these applications. All 15 included stone spiral drills have a particularly robust carbide tip with 89 HRC hardness and blunted cutting edge. This allows you to achieve fast drilling progress even in hard materials. Even dowel placement is done quickly, whereby the high rotation accuracy of the quality drills guarantees precise dowel holes – furthermore, the asymmetrical spiral shape of the drill ensures optimal drill dust removal. Thanks to the straight shank, the stone drills can also be used with all rotary and hammer drills.

This is how it works

The stone drill bit set contains multiples of all drill sizes from 3 to 10 mm in diameter. Since every drill is made entirely of long-lasting, high-strength carbon steel in industrial quality according to ISO 5468, they also guarantee a great service life even after many drilling procedures. The measurement of each bit is engraved onto its shank so it is easy to identify even after repeated use. The complete set comes in a sturdy plastic case, meaning that it can be safely transported or hung onto a pegboard. All drills are presorted in a firm position, secured from falling out, and can be easily removed from the box thanks to a tilting bracket.

Four of the numerous advantages that I particularly like:

  • the complete set in Trotec brand quality
  • the 15 stone drills produced entirely of long-lasting, high-strength carbon steel with long service lives for all stone work incurred
  • the heat-resistant carbide tip for great durability with a maximum hardness of 89 HRC.
  • the compatibility with any brand of rotary or hammer drill

15-piece stone drill bit set – buy now and save 50 %!

Order the 15-piece stone drill bit set today, reduced from £18.34 to just £9.14 incl. VAT – now available in the Trotec shop!

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