Dry heated air increases the risk of catching a cold

Heaters do indeed provide cosy warmth, but they generally have one big draw back: Heated air dries out the mucous membranes and blocks their immune function – that increases your susceptibility to infections and promotes colds and respiratory diseases. In contrast, a higher air humidity makes breathing easy because it prevents the drying out of the mucous membranes. We’re saying to you that you don’t need to compromise snug warmth in order to keep the air you breathe comfortably moist …

Dry air can really make life difficult: Flu viruses stay active for longer, the tickle in your throat escalates, and the fine cilia on the inside of the nose stick together so that your natural protecting and cleaning function is no longer ensured. It is therefore easier for cold viruses to settle and spread through the nose and throat region. The skin is also much more prone to irritation, redness and inflammation in very low humidity. Our tips can help you avoid very dry air at home and at the same time help you to stay warm and healthy through the coming winter.

1. Tip: Determine the humidity in your home.

For that you will need a measuring instrument by the name of a hygrometer, for example the BZ05 indoor thermohygrometer from Trotec, which you can already obtain from us for a few euros. You should act no later than when the humidity value lies under 30 % for long periods of time because  humidity should be over 40 %. However, it should also not be over 60% as this fosters mould formation due to a lot of moisture condensing on the cold areas of walls.

2. Tip: Remedy this with water collection trays and plants.

In addition, attach an air humidifier filled with water to the radiator. However, the evaporation capacity is not particularly high with these small containers and the effect is correspondingly low. Additionally, you need to make sure the respective containers are regularly cleaned because warm water is an ideal breeding ground for microbes. In fact, they usually have no effect on the air we breathe in most cases and are unhygienic.

Alternatively, use the correct indoor plants. Plants dispense around 98 % of the water that they absorb back into the room. By adding three larger plants, you can already increase the humidity in a 30 square meter room to the ideal value of 40 – 60 %. Papyrus plants are particularly suitable for this: Up to two litres of water evaporates from a plant that is 1.5 meters in size every day. Spider plants, African hemp or flatsedge are also particularly well suited for increasing humidity.

3. Tip: Use professional assistance – an electric humidifier.

With an electric humidifier, you have the choice between sprayers, vaporisers, evaporators and air washers. You should choose the device carefully and pay attention to energy consumption and the device’s susceptibility to microbes in particular. Sprayers in particular, which disperse water in very tiny drops, often spread respirable bacteria around the room. In contrast, vaporising humidifiers alternatively heat the water according to the immersion heater principle or via electrodes until it vaporises. Therefore, they consume a lot of energy in comparison and there is the risk of making the room overly humid at the same time. Additionally, you have to be careful with some vaporisers not to scald yourself on the hot vapour emitted.

Evaporators on the other hand, like the B 25 E and the B 400 from Trotec for example, dispense moisture into the ambient air via filter mats or plates, on which the water is extensively evaporated. Microbes stay in the device. An advantage is that the devices consume less energy in comparison and you don’t have to worry about the room becoming overly humid. Also air washers, such as the AW 10 S and the AW 20 S with HEPA filters from Trotec, moisten the air just like the cold evaporation method. Both devices wash the air regularly and therefore filter out animal hair, house dust and pollen as well as nasty odours.

4. Tip: Trust in the professional experience of Trotec – the market leaders.

Trotec have been at the centre of everything involving the optimum conditioning of air and water for the last 20 years. Regarding the topic of humidification, we also rank among the leading German manufacturers – amongst other things, thanks to this impressive collection of evaporators and air washers:

  • The B25 E designer humidifier is a visual highlight in the evaporator class and keeps the air in rooms of up to 24 m2 at the optimum moisture. It works using a honeycomb filter. The dry air is drawn through this, enriched with moisture and then released back into the room as humid air at one of four selectable fan levels. A blessing for babies and children, who react very sensitively to dry air because their skin and noses dry out more quickly and their airways are more vulnerable.
  • The B 400 Air Humidifier combines high vaporisation capacity and economical continuous operation. Its hydrostatic controlled humidity regulation is supplemented by a rotating vaporisation fibre web which also additionally cleans the air. A pleasant low operating noise as well as the low consumption also make this device very impressive.
  • The AW 10 S air washer is the easy to maintain 3-in-1 comfort device for humidification and purification. The air washer cleans and humidifies the air in the room without filter mats. Furthermore, the air washer bundles unwanted elements such as pollen, animal hair, house dust and nasty odours thanks to the integrated plasma function. The low-maintenance device is child’s play to open for filling, topping up and cleaning.
  • The AW 20 S air washer provides the ideal humidified room air quality at all times as a 3-in-1 comfort device with combination sensor and HEPA filter. The device is also therefore perfectly suited for allergy sufferers: The HEPA Filter, which can be activated, not only removes house dust, pollen or animal hair from the air – this air washer also reliably removes even the smallest dirt particles: from fine dust, allergens or mould spores.

Fresh, moist breathable air – with innovative solutions from Trotec

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