Mould in the tack room

Mould in the tack roomWhich thoughts cross your mind when you think about horse riding? In my mind I see little girls who dream about winning ribbons in equestrian tournaments, or I picture Europe’s royalty wearing ridiculously huge hats and feverishly watching the world-famous horse race at Ascot, or I even think of the lonesome cowboy from a renowned cigarette commercial galloping through the American prairie… Despite – or probably because of all these clichés about it, the popularity of horse riding as a hobby doesn’t seem to wear off… But one thing is sure: horse riding is, without doubt, quite a time-consuming and costly hobby.

One of the most important pieces of equipment a rider needs is a saddle. But don’t let yourself be fooled… Finding the right saddle for your horse and your specific discipline seems like an almost impossible task to me. After an extensive research on the internet, it becomes obvious that you can easily spend a small fortune on a saddle made from the finest leather and decorated with fancy silver clasps and ornaments which are typical for a western style saddle for example.

But these valuable saddles are often stored in draughty, unheated and easily accessible tack rooms where not only thieves have a walk-over but also moisture and mould. Musty smells and mould spots are a sure sign for too much humidity in the ambient air. All the metal pieces of a saddle can start to rust with a relative humidity of only 60 %, and when the relative humidity tops 70 %, mould begins to form on your saddle. Yet when the relative humidity is too low, the leather of your saddle can become brittle and chapped.

The relative humidity in horse stables usually ranges between 60 and 80 % , which is actually quite a high value. In addition, the horse’s respiration, body heat and droppings heat up the ambient air even more. If the tack room is located in an adjacent room to the stable, severe differences in the room temperature can cause the water vapour, which is contained in the air, to settle in the room with the lowest temperature – in this case the tack room.

But would you really want to leave your valuable and precious saddle in such an environment? Probably not! On the other hand, you wouldn’t want to carry your 15 kilogram saddle into your car after every single ride either, would you?! It’s hard to find a solution to that dilemma…

Yet the answer can be so easy: Control the indoor climate of the tack room with a Trotec dehumidifier! Our dehumidifiers successfully protect your riding equipment against mould, rust or moisture damage. The dehumidifiers in the TTK S Series can be left unattended to carry out non-stop drying over a longer period because they are equipped with a special option which allows you to connect a hose through which the condense water can be conducted directly into a drain.

If you are planning on using your dehumidifier in a tack room, we would advise you to choose a model with a built-in hygrostat which will allow you to select the humidity level you like best. Another feature which comes in very handy for use in a tack room: all our dehumidifiers are standard equipped with an air filter which cleans the air effectively of germs, mould spores and pet hairs.

The dehumidifiers from Trotec ensure that your riding equipment is properly protected against the consequences of a poor indoor climate and that they won’t come to any harm through too much humidity. Well, at least we can help out with that! Because although our dehumidifiers work wonders when it comes to reducing moisture levels, they can’t fight off thieves… But what’s a horse stable without a watchdog anyway, right?!

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