Buy your low-price compact dehumidifier now and get an energy meter free!

Make the most of our special offer and get a free energy meter every time you buy a TTK 50 S or TTK 70 S dehumidifier. But hurry, hurry, hurry – offer ends soon. Kill two birds with one stone: save on a compact, efficient dehumidifier and cut down on your electricity bills at the same time. Use your free energy meter to monitor the power used in your household and clamp down on energy guzzlers and power-hungry gadgets in your home.

Both dehumidifiers are tried-and-tested top models from the renowned TTK-E-S series. Which leaves you with a difficult choice:

Will it be the TTK 50 S – a neat, compact and reliable little power horse of a dehumidifier with an 0.3 kW compressor, an air flow rate of 120 m³/h and a dehumidification performance of 18 litres in 24 hours which makes it ideal for continuous, uninterrupted drying in cellars, basements, bath and laundry rooms …

Find out more about the TTK 50 S here…

… or will it be the TTK 70 S – the timelessly elegant, compact refrigerant dehumidifier with hidden qualities like the humidistat-controlled automatic mode and a dehumidification performance of 20 litres in the space of 24 hours – ideal for automatic continuous drying in unoccupied and unsupervised rooms.

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Your BX10 energy meter makes sure that you can keep a close eye on your electricity costs and helps you to unmask the true energy-guzzlers in your home!

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Buy now and get your energy meter free! Offer is for a short time only. Only while stocks last!

  • TTK 50 S dehumidifier + BX10TTK 50 S dehumidifier + BX10
  • TTK 70 S dehumidifier + BX10TTK 70 S dehumidifier + BX10

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