Buy a Trotec electric heater this winter and keep the cold at bay!

You can’t always count on having a central heating wherever you are to keep you warm and to keep out the cold during the cold time of the year. That’s why we warmly recommend our mobile electric heating units. Because Trotec electric heating units are ideal for both temporary and stationary applications and for keeping the cold out and the heat in!

The models in the TDS-Series are so compact and easy to transport that they are quite simply ideal for use in work and repair shops and on market stands or stalls. And because they do not spew smoke and pump other waste products into the air, they can certainly be classed as being an eco-friendly alternative for private and commercial users who wish to heat their homes or workplaces and channel the heat directly to where it is most needed.

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The construction heaters in the TDE-Series are widely regarded as being virtually indestructible little workhorses – and they don’t get this name for nothing! The powerful and sturdy models in the TDE-Series come with a hardened hammer-dimpled finish that makes them ideal for coping with the rigours and demands that come with daily use on building sites and in cowsheds and other agricultural scenarios.

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The high-performance TDE electric heating units are virtual little “heating plants” and so powerful that they can heat whole halls and warehouses. And because our products carry the quality seal “made in Germany” they are totally reliable and extremely efficient!

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