IQAir air purifiers – established quality also for allergy sufferers

Air purifier iQAir GC-MultigasSince 10 years now the air purifiers of the IQAir series prove their use and effectivity.

Confirmed by a leading German consumer safety group called “Stiftung Warentest” with the test result “good” and the use in clinical areas in Hong Kong during the fight against the virus SARS IQAir air purifiers showed their excellent filtration, certified quality and advanced filter technology.

Even at home or in offices IQAir devices are a worth doing investment because researches prove that the air in living areas and offices is about 100 times more polluted than the outer air.

Especially allergy sufferers benefit from the air purification power of these devices. Pollen are filtered reliably and affected people can now sigh. Even asthmatics who are prone for pollutants in the air will be convinced fast by IQAir air purifiers. Clean air for a healthy life.

It doesn’t matter if they are used in facilities for data storage, surgeries, lock areas or laboratories, the IQAir air purifiers offer compact and powerful solutions equipped with the technical know-how of the Trotec company.

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