Air conditioning units vs. air coolers

An air conditioning unit or an air cooler? This question is very important for a lot of customers if they are going to buy an air conditioning unit. That’s why we are going to explain the main differences between both devices and why Trotec doesn’t produce air coolers.

Round 1: Complexity.
Air coolers are equipped with a tank. This tank is filled with cool water. Some devices even use ice cubes. That implies a great effort because you have to fill the tank yourself over and over!

The monoblock – air conditioning unit PAC 3500 uses just like the split – air conditioning unit PAC 4400 an environmentally friendly refrigerant. This refrigerant is included in the scope of supply and doesn’t have to be refilled!
Result: That’s one for the air conditioning units.

Round 2: Humidity.

An air cooler directs sucked in ambient air via a filter or another splitter directly to the fans so that the air gets back into the room. The problem is that the air is being enriched with water you filled in before. So the ambient air will get wet and sticky very fast.

PAC 4400Air conditioning units like the PAC 3500 and PAC 4400 suck in the ambient air, filter and dehumidify it and lead it back into the room. The result is that the room temperature is reduced verifiable and the air is clean, filtered and dehumidified. A very well pleasure on hot and sticky days. Real air conditioning is dehumidifying, too. Even if PAC – air conditioning units aren’t able to cool a whole floor because of its ambient air circulation the climate in nearby rooms can be improved appreciably. Through open doors the dehumidified air can get into nearby rooms. Drier hot air is much more pleasant and passable than wet and sticky heat. So the whole floor or flat has got a pleasant climate.
Result: That’s one for the air conditioning units again.

Round 3: Cooling.

Basically an air cooler is just a fan fed with ice cubes. A fan first seems to cool a room, too, but a fan only moves hot air. If an air cooler would effectively cool the ambient air, hot air would be lead away. But an air cooler isn’t equipped with such a feature! No device needs to lead away hot air if it isn’t simply able to cool it.

The air conditioning units PAC 3500 and PAC 4400 lead away hot air verifiable. A monoblock – air conditioning unit via an exhaust hose which leads through a window out of the room and a split – air conditioning unit via an external heat exchanger.

Result: Finally the air conditioning unit is the winner and the air cooler loses.

Trust in the winner of the Trotec cooling competition.

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