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high pressure areas to give away

In times of tumbling economies, fears of double dip recessions and falling house prices what better a way to spend your money than on something that not everybody has, something really special. No, not a piece of land or a hole on the moon – or a square foot of the rain forest, which is at least a very commendable start – no, as of September the 29th 2010 you can give your name, or somebody else’s, to a heavenly constellation that is this time not a star or group of stars but a system of either high or low pressure moving across the face of Europe!

The perfect gift one could be excused for thinking. Imagine the surprise when your wife of twenty years finds out that instead of buying her those wickedly expensive earrings, that timelessly-elegantly classic cashmere cardigan or those luxuriously soft lamb leather boots which she has always wanted for your china wedding anniversary, you get in touch with the Freie Universität Berlin (Free University of Berlin) and pay 199 euros to have a system of low pressure which brings misery and suffering to whole nations named after her.

And what about Christmas? Don’t forget – only 108 days to go. If you feel like digging a little deeper into your pocket this time, you can tack an extra one hundred euros onto your bill by splashing out on a system of high pressure that you have decided to name after one of your family members, which unfortunately does not include the dog, who most families would probably regard as being more than just a trusted companion and faithful friend. Men’s names are allowed – and so are women’s – but no double names and no company names either.

But just in case you’re thinking that this is a hoax, this is where we set you straight. The whole idea of sponsoring systems of low and high pressure across Europe is the brainchild of the meteorologists at Freie Universität Berlin who thought that this would be a good way to generate income for the Institute of Meteorology at their progressively modern university. If you’re interested, just go to http://www.met.fu-berlin.de/wetterpate/ and make somebody happy in 2011.

By the way, although the low pressure systems in 2010 all had and will have women’s names and the high pressure systems men’s, the situation will be reversed in the coming year when the high pressure systems will then be called Brunhilda, Helga or Hannelore and the low pressure systems will be called Hans, Christian – or Eric. This is a result of the pressure put on the met office by women campaigners who went up in arms at the practice established in 1954 of giving high pressure systems which account for gloriously sunny, pleasantly dry weather men’s names and low pressure systems, which are responsible for drab, damp and overcast weather, women’s.

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