Better safe than sorry

A dropped dehumidifierMoving house is a traumatic experience. It comes, as the saying goes, third only to bereavement and divorce. It is understandable then that many people, especially elderly citizens, who are unable to carry heavy boxes and furniture or cannot afford a removal firm, and younger first-time movers who are flying the nest try to get all the support they can by enlisting the help of family and friends to lighten their burden and prevent the costs of moving from spiraling.

But stop! If you don’t want to end up being the friend in need at the end of the day – and splitting with friends or family because of a broken mock Ming vase, a smashed computer or a dropped dehumidifier – then it often pays to have a word with your insurance company first in order to clarify whose insurance covers any breakages or damage that occur as a result of you being kind enough to help a friend or family member to move house.

Interestingly there is in fact an insurance company that does cover such damages – no, not Lloyd’s of London in this case but the AXA insurance company, which sells a special policy designed to take a great weight off your mind and not make you have to rely on another insurance company’s gesture of good will.

So prepare for the worst and hope for the best. Ring, write or talk to your insurance agent before you agree to help out when somebody thinks the time has come to move house – and visit our website and learn more about our over 600 strong selection of machines , devices and equipment in and around the fields of dehumidification, industrial and construction heating, indoor climate control and infrared thermography and see what we could have done for your family or friends in their old house and what we can do for you in yours.

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