Tips on How to Stay Cool on a Hot Day

Air conditioning - how to stay cool on hot days

This summer is sure to go down in the annals of history. It could hardly have got any wetter – or any hotter – depending on which part of the country you hail from or what part of the country you were currently in. The temperatures were so far apart that while in one part of the country it rained so hard and so frequently that residents had trouble remembering when they had borne witness to a more dismal summer, in other parts of the country the weather was hot and oppressive and even those sun-worshippers who normally can never get enough of bright blue skies and soaring temperatures were having to find that too much of a good thing doesn’t necessarily make it better.

So what can you do to stop yourself from despairing the next time the temperatures where you live or work look as though they’re going to hit another all-time high and you still have your whole, perfectly normal day ahead of you?

  • In the mornings:
    When you’ve spent a fair part of the night tossing and turning, trying desperately to get a good night’s sleep, you would think that a cold shower would be a good way to herald in a new and hopefully less sweltry day and to wash off the little puddles of sweat that form in the body’s recesses and soak the crisp, clean sheets you pulled over your bed the previous morning. What this would in fact be is your first mistake of the day. Despite the invigorating effect which a cold shower undisputedly has, the drawback is that no sooner have you towelled yourself off and rubbed yourself down than your body works extremely hard at trying to achieve its normal temperature again. And when your body works hard, you tend to sweat – even more.
  • At lunchtime:
    The next big mistake you could make (if you haven’t made one already) is to treat yourself to your favourite stodgy food, perhaps to reward yourself for staying focused on your job and because you were able to “keep your head when all about you Are losing theirs”. The reason you really shouldn’t is that on a hot day a big meal is going to be an even bigger challenge to your digestive system than it otherwise already is, and it will prove a monumental task for your body when you should be giving it a chance to cope with the heat around you. Save your reward for the end of the day and do yourself and your body a favour by eating some fresh, vitamin-filled fruit or salad. And there’s no need to skimp on the size of the portions.
  • In the afternoon:
    This is when the going gets tough and you could do with something to boost your metabolism. But although you may normally be inclined to wash down your meal with a pot or two of piping hot coffee, this is not generally a good idea when the temperatures outside still show no sign of falling. Try holding your wrists under cold running water (you can roll the sleeves up fist to stop the cuffs from getting wet). This simple but effective technique is astonishingly effective and very refreshing. It’s a bit like cooling off under a cold shower – which you wisely chose not to do at the start of the day.
  • At night:
    Have you ever tried going to sleep when you feel like you’re in the middle of the Sahara? (Although at night, when there are no clouds in the sky and the heat that has developed during the day is not reflected back to the ground, the temperature in the Sahara often drops to below zero). Of course you have. And you have probably found that it is almost impossible. But have you ever tried draping a large piece of cloth which you have previously moistened – not soaked – in front of an open window? It’s a trick they already used in ancient Egypt. And the Egyptians should know – after all they were smart enough to build the pyramids.

When the time has come to accept that constantly high temperatures and muggy weather are making your life at home or in the office almost too much to bear, then you have come a long way to realising that a mobile air conditioner can provide you with the indoor climate you need to feel comfortable in.

Mobile air conditioners are in many respects more versatile and therefore more effective than the bigger, bulkier, built-in stationary models. Because the mobile units are so compact, they can easily be moved from one room to another and installed wherever you need them, whenever you need them, so that the next time the temperatures start to soar – and knowing our luck they will – then you can rest assured that the indoor climate in your home or office will remain cool and refreshingly comfortable.

And because the weather is never 100% predictable and the summer we have all been looking forward to is by no means over yet, we have a super sizzling special offer which will ensure that you are more than well-prepared when the temperatures start to skyrocket.

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As you can see – and as we all know from the Scout Movement – it pays to be prepared.

Roll on summer!

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