Denmark: One more example for heavy floods and the chaos that goes along with it

Flood in Copenhagen

For those who are affected it is nothing short of a living nightmare. And for all those who thanks to the power of the media watch on as tragedy after tragedy unfolds and normal people – people like you and me – wade through streets that have turned into raging rivers and homeowners and shopkeepers stand waist-deep in murky water, staring into the camera numb with shock and despair, it is a scenario that fills our hearts with angst and sympathy – and a feeling of foreboding, because this could happen to almost anyone, almost anywhere. And yes it could happen to us.

When on July 2, 2011 the heavens over Copenhagen opened and six inches (15cm) of rain fell over the country’s capital in only a single hour, this was the latest in a chain of natural catastrophes caused by weather phenomena that have rocked our world to its foundations in the course of the past several years.

Following the truly unimaginable horrors that the people of New Orleans and indeed the whole state of Louisiana had to endure when hurricane Katrina tore a path through the south of the US leaving behind her a trail of destruction estimated at over $80 billion and the jazz capital of the world submerged under up to 14 feet (4.5 m) of water, and following the gargantuan-scale flooding that hit Queensland after weeks of persistent rain that caused rivers to swell and break their banks until the only way the water could go was sideways as it spread out over parched plains so that it eventually covered an area that was unbelievably the combined size of both Germany and France, it is now the turn of Denmark to experience disproportionate amounts of rainfall which has already led to heavy flooding in parts of the nation’s largest city.

The word that probably best describes the current situation is chaos. Thousands of homes and millions of people have been affected. The storms which erupted over Copenhagen after a day of close and oppressive weather were accompanied by monsoon-like rainfall which caused sewers to overflow and spill into basements and cellars and rainwater to rapidly fill underground car parks, subways and tunnels. Manhole covers were washed away leaving gaping holes in the road that invariably presented a dire threat to pedestrians and motorists who could be seen braving the floods – or acting recklessly and foolishly depending on the urgency of their mission.

As a result of the rising water levels, the authorities were forced to close freeways and traffic arteries which are vital to the capital’s residents and commuters, and railway tracks and points were rendered useless under several feet of rainwater. Both the Tivoli Amusement Park and the main railway station had to be evacuated with the Danish Meteorological Institute recording more than 18,600 lightening strikes. The situation in Denmark has once again shown that none of us can count on not being affected by changing weather patterns and freak storms that tear at whole cities, even countries, and change our lives in the course of only a few sparse minutes or hours.

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