Fisherman’s Friend StrongmanRun with wind machine from Trotec!

The Fisherman´s Friend StrongmanRun, the mother of all steeplechases, is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year! The idea was a wild success in Germany from the start – thanks to thousands of fancifully clad participants, for whom no obstacle is too high, too wide or too wet. Yes, other European countries also want to be a part of this great fun, and Italy has been participating since 2012. In this year’s run in Rovereto, a city near Lake Garda, Trotec was also there in top shape – in the form of its TTW 400000 wind machine.

A few days ago, Rovereto experienced an exceptional situation: over 5,000 wildly clothed participants of the StrongmanRun bound along the blocked off route through the small upper Italian city into ice cold water and as a team conquer a total of 16 challenging climbing hurdles of hay bales, water pits and overseas containers. A very special obstacle for the runners is running toward and past an enormous stream of air blowing from the TTW 400000 axial fan from Trotec: With an air power of 432,000 m³/h and a top wind speed of up to 100 km/h, the largest of our wind machines makes passing this obstacle a real challenge for all runners.

TKL – the experts from the Trotec Group rental centre – were responsible for the well-planned logistics of the 2,800 kg unit. The transport and construction of this behemoth is a tad different from moving around the smaller models. With the help of our heavy duty transport and a crane, the impressive unit, which is also equipped with an extremely robust transport frame construction, was able to be set up on the StrongmanRun obstacle course. Including, by the way, a power supply – because for a wind machine of this magnitude, TKL obviously had to provide its own power unit.

TKL – also rents out perfect mobile solutions for ventilation

Just give us a call if your next event requires such great wind, a storm or even a hurricane. In addition to the TTW 400000, TKL also rents out smaller wind machines. Perfectly suited to your requirements, with nearly any performance level and for any temporary need. Our specialists in the TKL rental centre are happy to provide you with information over the phone at +49 2452 962 160. The TKL team looks forward to hearing from you!

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