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People looking for affordable auxiliary heating often struggle with the decision: From flexible quartz radiators to smart ceramic fan heaters, from halogen heaters to cheap convection heating – it is easy to get lost among this huge selection. We would like to shed some light by giving you a brief introduction to the individual heat providers…

Some heat sources, such as the IR 1500 S radiant heater from Trotec, are perfectly suited for heating only the part of a room that is actually being used. That could be in the bathroom, where an extra dose of warmth in the morning is particularly nice, at the workbench in the hobby room or on the patio. Others, such as convectors, are designed to evenly heat the entire room. You decide which of these heaters best satisfies your requirements.

  • Radiant heaters can be operated with a number of different heating elements. The 1500 S produced by Trotec, for example, uses 3 modern quartz heating rods. The units are also well-suited for those with allergies: they perform their services without producing an odour, and since they nearly always operate without fans, they also work quietly and without stirring up dust.
  • Ceramic heaters use a ceramic core which they heat up and which then very quickly heats the surrounding air. Trotec’s TDS 10 M also uses this principle with its durable PTC ceramic. Our ceramic fan heater doesn’t burn any dust and therefore doesn’t fill the air with added fine dust – a real plus, and not just for allergy sufferers!
  • Halogen heaters irradiate objects to heat them up – comparable to the pleasant radiation of the sun. This saves energy, since not all of the air in the room must be supplied with heat. Since the air is not stirred up, these heaters are also recommended for those with allergies.
  • Convectors are based on the principle of heat convection. The air in the room rises due to heating, and then falls once it cools off and is then re-heated by the convector. Our convectors TCH 20 E and TCH 22 E are especially recommended for rooms that are to be heated rapidly. By means of thermal regulators, the desired thermal output can be continuously adjusted and controlled by a hygrostat.

IR 1500 S radiant heater – the right choice for cosy warmth without long warm-up times

Due to our uncompromising quality standards, we can recommend every Trotec model of the heat sources presented here. Nevertheless, we would like to once again recommend one heat provider in particular: our new IR 1500 S radiant heater – our current top favourite due to its outstanding price-performance ratio, excellent design and perfect scope of application.

Because, due to its compact construction, the nearly universally applicable all-rounder IR 1500 S is perfectly suited for use in smaller rooms. The particularly energy efficient radiator above all scores points in comparison to a hot air gun, for example. The heating unit has 3 heat levels with a maximum heat output of 1,500 watts, and can be quickly and easily fixed to the wall or ceiling, whereby the necessary mounting set is already included in the scope of delivery.

Our current highlight – an offer where you can’t go wrong

Order the IR 1500 S radiant heater today for just £17.79 including VAT instead of £35.64 – in the Trotec shop now!

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