Fed up with your old folding rule? So are we! Win a new laser distance meter today!

Man in a bowler hat carrying a folding rule in a binWelcome to the 21st century! You only have to look back in history – and not very far back at that –  to see that there comes a time when many objects and products which we have grown accustomed or even attached to have had to make way for new inventions which were not only far more convenient, easier to use and much more useful  – they simply knocked their predecessors into a cocked hat!

The way things are going it could well be that the good old folding or carpenter’s rule – that tried and trusted piece of measuring equipment – is about to experience that same fate. It may be tough on the folding rule, but how bad is that compared to the benefits its successor can bring to mankind?

There probably isn’t a soul amongst us – well in my age group at least – who doesn’t fondly remember their very first portable audio tape player. We loved them. Even before they introduced the buffering technology that stopped us from initially being able to take them with us on a hike or run. But did that stop us from buying those smart little MP3 players when they first hit the shops? No, it didn’t. And what about rotary-dial phones, video 8 cameras, typewriters, long playing vinyl records and video cassettes. They were all hallmarks of a new era of sophisticated, upbeat technology in their day. And they were all condemned to one day being replaced by something more contemporary, something more stylish, something quite simply better.

Time then to introduce the BD15, the new laser distance meter from Trotec. The BD15  is an extremely accurate and extremely easy-to-use measuring device that in years to come will be seen as the logical transition from the old-fashioned and outdated folding rule. The lightweight, pocket-sized BD15 does not only look an impressive piece of professional equipment – a point that could rank high on the list of certain crafts and tradesmen like builders, kitchen fitters, interior decorators and carpet layers who are all always keen to show their customers that they clearly have the situation well in hand – it is an impressive piece of professional equipment: there’s the modern-day laser which can measure distances unerringly in a fraction of the time and up to a fraction of an inch, a Pythagoras function with which you can even carry out indirect measurements, a backlit display, ergonomically-arranged soft-touch keys and a robust dust and splashproof housing which means you can even take it along with you and use it on building sites or anywhere else in the Great Outdoors.

Want one? Win one! Enter our competition and post your funniest, your most imaginative, your most surprising photo of you (or somebody else) and your (or their) old folding rule. Just go to www.facebook.com/trotec4u to see how it’s done.

Course if you don’t win, you could always buy one…

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