Dehumidifiers are great for drying laundry


Like when air-drying outside, the laundry is now hung on clotheslines in the house. Now the dehumidifier comes into play: As with some of Trotec’s comfort dehumidifiers, the device is either equipped with its own textile drying mode, or you preselect the relative humidity and the device dries the air and laundry in automatic mode. As an alternative, you can measure the attained humidity using a measuring device like the BZ05 room thermohygrometer from Trotec

This absolutely gentle laundry drying using a dehumidifier can be most closely compared to air drying by a warm summer breeze – except that it happens in your flat, in your attic or basement. Because the dehumidifier circulates the ambient air by heating the air and directing it over the laundry, where the heated air extracts moisture from the laundry. The air then flows back into the dehumidifier, where the moisture condenses and is collected in a collecting tank.

Why not try drying your laundry with the dehumidifier yourself

Instead of pressing your laundry into a tight drum, dry them gently in a warm breeze. This way you can throw each piece of laundry over the clothesline without any fuss – regardless of whether the material is made of wool or fine silk. Take advantage of these benefits:

  • High energy and energy savings potential: A dehumidifier usually offers better energy efficiency compared to conventional tumble dryers.
  • Drying without exception: Garments made of synthetic fibres, wool and silk can be dried together with the heat-insensitive fibres.
  • Gentle drying: The laundry is dried more gently as a whole without whitening or polluting them with pollen and dust.
  • Hygiene using a dehumidifier: Mould and germs don’t stand a chance in your laundry and in the entire drying room.

Regardless of whether your dehumidifier has a special laundry drying function or not, you can preselect these values on your dehumidifier based on your desired dryness:

  • Cupboard dry    46% relative humidity
  • Iron dry    58% relative humidity
  • Extra dry    65% relative humidity

Do you own a dehumidifier that does not let you preset these values? Then simply use a measuring device to determine the humidity, such as the BZ05 room thermohygrometer from Trotec.

BZ05 room thermohygrometer  – provides guidance when drying your laundry

The BZ05 room thermohygrometer  measures and permanently displays the two determining factors for your personal feel-good climate and for the climate for drying your laundry – the air temperature and humidity. Order your BZ05 room thermohygrometer  today at our current special price of only £10.85 incl. VAT  instead of our regular price of £16.72 – available now in the Trotec shop!

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