Light the barbecue faster – with a heat gun


You’ve invited your friends over for a barbecue, everything is going well, but once again you are left waiting and waiting for the coals to heat through. It’s pointless to start playing the blame game: (“We said half past five, not five!” “You wanted to buy new coal, not me!”) Right now, you need help, fast! Our hot tip: just use your heat gun to light the charcoal. It works easily, quickly and without any harmful substances – the sausages will be on the grill in a heartbeat!

Previously, the more well-known uses for hot air devices were jobs such as removing layers of paint or bending and welding plastics. But in order to ensure the barbecue coals are heated through quickly and evenly, a heat gun such as the HyStream 2000 from Trotec should be your first choice! All you need to do is blow the hot air onto the charcoal for just a few minutes. The flow of air created also replaces a bellow, or the equally popular hair-dryer, and quickly drives the embers through the coals. And, best of all: this is all done without the bothersome odours that are a common problem with the use of various chemical aids. And also, no harmful chemical substances can get onto the food!

Beware of sparks flying!

As always with hot air devices, you must proceed with care when using them at a barbecue. In order to avoid a lot of flying sparks, you should ensure there is sufficient space between the charcoal and your hot air device after lighting the first pieces of coal.

What? You don’t have a heat gun?

This indispensable tool has been missing from your workshop equipment for all this time? This tool for bending and welding plastics or for drying and removing paints – and as we have just discovered, for quickly and easily lighting a barbecue? Then we recommend you take advantage of this hot offer: The HyStream 2000 heat gun  generates a maximum power output of 2000 watts, can blow out 30 m³/h of air and reaches a maximum temperature of 650 °C – and all this at a real snip of a price.

HyStream 2000 heat gun  – and the barbecue season can start!

Win the battle against charcoal and embers at your barbecue every time: order the HyStream 2000 heat gun today at our current offer price of just £25.11 reduced from £41.86 incl. VAT – in the Trotec Shop now!

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