Dehumidifier TTK 70 S – our deal with waiting discount until 22 September

TTK 70 S Extra compact, extra small, extra dry. The Dehumidifier TTK 70 S fits into small offices and living rooms and adapts itself: with a width of only 18.5 cm it can be placed easily in corners and niches. Even in other respects it offers high class features – and also a great deal offer as a reward of waiting.

It really is the ideal household helper. Designed for rooms of up to 50 m², it masters a dehumidification performance of up to 24 litres a day. Additionally it will be an indispensable help at drying cloth: with its special dehumidification mode it doesn’t only dry your laundry pretty fast, but also removes moisture out of carpets and keeps your shoe rack dry. All this makes the TTK 70 S to one of the most popular dehumidifiers in our product range. Unfortunately due to the great demand it is not available at the moment, but supplies are on the way.

That’s how it works

By means of an adjustable hygrostat the TTK 70 S constantly controls the relative humidity. The device activates automatically at exceeding, and switches off independently and energy saving, as soon as the desired value is reached. Furthermore the Dehumidifier TTK 70 S offers even more comfortable features. This includes the useful timer function, the practical filling stand warning lamp and the automatic overflow protection. Beside that the device dispose about an integrated separate connection for the extern condensation drain – necessary conditions for unattended long term duration, for example at weekend houses or on boats.

Four of many benefits I like the most:

  • The automatic hygrostat controlled dehumidification
  • The special dehumidification mode for drying laundry
  • The compact design for room saving assembly
  • The overflow protection with automatic switch off

Make the perfect deal – buy now and save cash!

With this great price-performance ration you can’t do anything wrong: order now the Dehumidifier TTK 70 E for only € 149.71 instead of € 236.81 incl. VAT and get it delivered to your home in calendar week 38 – it’s worth waiting for.

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