Convector TCH 20 E – back in stock!

The main advantage of the TCH 20 E is that it uses the principle of convection to uniformly circulate warm air around the room. Because it spreads warmth equally, specific areas aren’t over or under heated. This is definitely a reason the device sold out so quickly. Or maybe it was because of the incredibly good value? Or maybe it was because of one of the many other advantages? Anyway – as of now the device is once again available…

In convectors such as the TCH 20 E, the air in the device is electrically heated with wires and as a result rises as warm air. This creates a natural suction, as the cold air in the room is pulled into the device. This leads to a constant circulation of warm air flowing into every corner of the room. This is why the Convector TCH 20 E is the perfect energy efficient solution for temporary or permanent heating of smaller or mid-sized rooms – and all with an extremely attractive design.

The benefits for you at a glance – the convector TCH 20 E

  • heats without oil or gas costs. all you need to use it is a plug socket – position it, plug it in and you’re done!
  • has a fully variable thermostat control. As soon as the pre-set temperature is reached, the TCH 20 E automatically switches off – and back on again when the temperature falls.
  • heats cleanly and free of condensation or odour and has three heat settings: 750 W, 1,250 W and 2,000 W.
  • can also be used as a frost monitor thanks to the thermostat control. Using a thermostat, the heater is automatically activated to keep rooms free from frost or to avoid excessive drops in temperature. An integrated overheating protection system ensures a constant safe operation.
  • guarantees secure support with its large adjustable feet. Using two integrated suspension brackets on the back of the device, you can also easily use the electric heater as a wall unit.
  • can be easily transported from one location to another thanks to its low weight and carrying handles.

Convector TCH 20 E – branded quality for a small price!

Order the Convector TCH 20 E at our current offer price reduced from £32.62 to just £16.74 incl. VAT. – in the Trotec shop now!

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